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Mini Movie Marathon: Costumes By Eiko by Anna Jo Beck $2

Distant Zine issues #7 and #8 $5

South of Chicago by Tim Carpenter and Nathan Pearce $15

zines from Displaced Snail, Joe Carlough & friends:
Ritual Reflections on the Things We Do $6
Satanic Butchery of Boredom $8
Lines of Sexuality Are Blurre:d An Essay on My Bisexuality $3
Hit the Decks: A This and That Tapes Fanzine of Music Art and Cassette Culture #2 The Community Issue $5
Bad Apples by Kara Khan and Mat W. $5

Beer Soup by Dani and Elena $5

Eavesdropper Cafe by Brian Koschak $15

Wonder of It All #9 Infinite Cigarettes $3

Comics & Minis

Stuff from T. Sean: Body Bag, Catatonic, Money Candle $7 each

GECKO by Nate Garcia $10

Bottle and Po Go Bot #1 by Nicholas and Kyle Borders $4

Jaywalk Magazine #1 by Austin English and Angela Fanche $10

Blah Blah Blah #2 by Juliette Collet $7

Venomyths #4 by Joshua Ray Stephens $15

Forever and Everything #8 by Kyle Bravo $5

GU #2 by Al Nelson $10

Graphic Novels

My Perfect Life by Lynda Barry (D+Q) $21.95

The High Desert: Black. Punk. Nowhere. by James Spooner $26.99

Loved and Lost: A Relationship Trilogy by Jeffrey Brown $29.99

Their Blood Got Mixed: Revolutionary Rojava and the War on ISIS by Janet Biehl (PM Press) $27.95

Gay Giant by Gabriel Ebensperger (Street Noise) $19.99

The Weakly Dispatch by Rick Trembles (Conundrum) $20

July Underwater by Zoe Maeve (Conundrum) $20

Dear Mother and Other Strangers by Bhanu Pratap $12

Omnis Temporalis: A Visual Long-Playing Record by Seth, Mark Haney (D+Q) $59.95

Politics & Revolution Books

Keywords for Capitalism: Power, Society, Politics by John Patrick Leary (Haymarket) $18.95

Overcoming Capitalism: Strategy for the Working Class in the 21st Century by Tom Wetzel (AK Press) $22

Gang Politics: Revolution, Repression, and Crime by Kristian Williams $16


Music for Erotomaniacs by Supervert $20

Koalas and Other Funny Short Stories by Ahyoka Saas $11

Music Books

Why Patti Smith Matters by Caryn Rose $18.95

Wicked Game: The True Story of Guitarist James Calvin Wilsey by Michael Goldberg (HoZac) $29.99

Creep and Crow by Marc Ruvolo $8

The Holy or the Broken: Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, and the Unlikely Ascent of “Hallelujah” by Alan Light $18


Tidal Magazine #14 $16

Toilet Paper #18 $18

Chap Books

What Does It Feel Like Today by Dani Naum and Elena Goluboff $5

Magic Box by Peach Kander $12

Local Interest

Chicago Scavenger: The Ultimate Search for Chicagos Hidden Treasures by Jessica Mlinaric $20.95