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Sans Visage Street Photo Zine by Whymark Austen $10

Zines by April Malig: April’s Eating Zine issues #1 & #2 $12, Rotten Roses #2 $8, I Didn’t Write Enough Postcards $8

Journey With Purpose #1 $12 by Randy Plemel $12

Trickfilm #1 by Charles Brubaker $5

I Was A Fish Professor by Miles Davitt $3

Manifest #8 Endemic $8


Haunted Francis and the Pumpkin Eaters by John F. Malta $8

Audra Show #6 by Audra Stang $8

Yo Home Boy #1 by N. Pizana $5

Performance of the Love Note by Angela Fanche $8

Graphic Novels

Barely Human by Johnny Ryan $49.99

Comfort Zone by Sio Gallagher $12

Haunted Francis vol 2 by John F. Malta $12

Big Scoop of Ice Cream by Conxita Herrero Delfa $17.99

Art Books

Blackbook Sessions vol 5 Sketches, Scribbles, Full-color Styles $29.95

Mayhem Books

The Dark History of the Occult: Magic, Madness and Murder by Paul Roland $12.99

Killer Collections: Dark Artifacts From True Crime by Paul Gambino $30

You Bet Your Life: Your Guide to Deadly Risk by Sheila and Joe Buff $35

Dracula: The Origins and Influence of the Legendary Vampire Count by Giles Morgan $14.95

Politics & Revolution Books

Conspiracy to Riot: The Life and Times of One of the Chicago Seven by Lee Weiner (Belt Publishing) $16.95


Crying In the Bathroom: A Memoir by Erika L. Sanchez $27

Shader: 99 Notes on Car Washes, Making Out in Church, Grief, and Other Unlearnable Subjects Shader by Daniel Nester $16

Gender Euphoria: Stories of Joy from Trans, Non-binary and Intersex Writers edited by Laura Kate Dale $15.95

Music Books

Bowie Odyssey 72 by Simon Goddard $24.99

How to Be a Rock Star by Shaun Ryder $16.95

Pride, Pop and Politics: Music, Theatre and LGBT Activism, 1970-2022 by Darryl W. Bullock $28.99


What Moves the Dead by T. Kingfisher $19.99


Illustoria #18 $16

VegNews #131 $9.99

In These Times vol 46 #7 $4.95

Wire #459 $12.75

Skeptical Inquirer vol 46 #4 $5.99

Gentlewoman #25 $20

Lit Journals & Poetry

Sinister Wisdom #125 $14

The First Line vol 24 #2 $6

Harsh Realm: My 1990s – Poems by Daniel Nester $18

Evidence of Flossing – What We Leave Behind Poems by Jennifer Payne $21.99

Cacophony #1 by Hunter Hodkinson $4

For the Young at Heart

Supposing…by Alastair Reid and JooHee Yoon $18.95