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Stormy Husky Brawling Laughing Prompts for Your Chicago Stories by Cynthia E. Hanifin $2

Greg and Fake Sketchbook 2021 by Greg and Fake $15

Flowers In The Dark by Sam Paakkonen $10

Last Night at the Casino vol 1 by Billy McCall $12

If I Were A Store What Would You Steal From Me by Jessica Dzielinski $6

Midnight Magazine & Midnight Tales, various issues

Hail America Radically Poetic Zine $5

Zisk #33 Sum 22 Bartolo Colon Hall of Famer by Mike Faloon & friends $3

Moss Piglet the Food Issue July 22 John Bloner Jr. $12

Headrumor #1 the Space Between a First and Last Name by C M Pancoast $3

Pocket Histories #1-#4 by Johnnie B. Baker $2 each

Papercore #7 DIY International Punk Zine $4

Last Night at the Casino vol 1 by Billy McCall (Bunny Ears Press) $12

Comics & Minis

Flowery #41 by Mel Stringer $7.50

New stuff from Jam Doughty: Illustrated Collage and Natural History a Zine-ified Workshop $4, Garden Sketches Spring 2021 $7

New Wave Comics Presents #22 by David Soileau $2

Back In Time by Christopher Williams $5

Delightful Garden by Miles Davitt $12

Turtle Boy #3 #4 by Kota and Gen $4 each

Subjectivity Existence Is Suffering LOL Mortality by Nayef Nebhan $10

Meatball Sub by Kelly Wang $3

E. Joy Comix by Emily Joy Mehr $6

Comics by Drew B. Hall: Small Town $2, Comfort Dungeon $5

Reading Gaze My Comics by Domingos Isabelinho $25

Graphic Novels

As a Cartoonist by Noah Van Sciver (Fantagraphics) $19.99

Bones by Christopher Williams $20

Art Books

Void If Removed a Book of Compiled Artwork and Design $20


Secrets of Santa Muerte: A Guide to the Prayers Spells, Rituals & Hexes by Cressida Stone $18.95

Consciousness Expansion

This Is Your Mind on Plants by Michael Pollan $18

Fiction Books

Noor by NNedi Okorafor $18

For Work For TV by Fee Griffin $16

Alice by Gary Gautier $14.50


Synth History #1 by Danz CM $20

Fantastic Man #35 Spr Sum 22 Directed by Luca Guadagnino $20

Cut Me Up #9 $18

Chap Books & Poetry

Overtime Hour 62 Soft Places by Paul Cioe $2

Rhymes and Reason – Facets of a Life by Claire Fluff Llewellyn $10.99

Stickers and Stuff

Hands Off My Uterus Sticker $5

Decompose Yourself Sticker by Chris Adams and Sporelust $4.50

Emotional Creature Patch $8.50

My Other Ride Is a Goth Club $10

Totebags by Julie Halpern $14