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SNAX: A Zine Club Chicago Collab Zine, edited by Rachel Hyman and Liz Mason and Cynthia E. Hanifin $12

Draculas Dumpster vol 1 #1 This Ain’t No Hula $6.75

Mythological Encyclopedia 1st edition by Kristel Becares $15.00

Zines & Comics by Emma B Rosengarten: Muscular I Hardly Know Her $6, Flee $4.00 & more.

Last Place Chili by Tin Diaz-Rodriguez $2.00

Unresolved #4 Tehching Hsieh and Donkey Basketball by Eli Schmitt $5.00

Cephalophore #1 Chicago $5.00

New Stuff & restocks from Firemotif

Zines from Catdroool: Twin Peaks Zine, How to Become an Artist, We Deserve Cats, Missed Connections & more $10 each

Comics & Minis

Magical Beatdown vol 3 by Jenn Woodall (Silver Sprocket) $9.99

Flowery #45 by Mel Stringer $7.50

Detention #2 Maggie a Girl In the Streets by Stephen Crane (Fantagraphics) $20.00

Sir Alfred #3 by Tim Hensley (Fantagraphics) $20.00

Anenome by Lindsey Shaw $5.00

Vacuum Decay #5 by Harry Nordlinger $10.00

Stay Awake by Alex Strader $9.00

New issues of New Wave Comics by David & Reginald Wayne Soileau $2.00 each

Tack #1 Try Again Cool Kid $10.00

Isidore and Friends vol 1 by Alexi $6.00

New stuff & restocks from Davidt Dunlop

New stuff & restocks from Ivy Rose

Thee Infinite C by Joshua W Cotter $2.00

Day Dreamers Science $12.00

ANTICAT dEFY cATEGOREY #1 edited by Duke Pierce Reade $3.00

Mom and I by M. Elias Hiebert $1.00

Graphic Novels

Men I Trust by Tommi Parrish (Fantagraphics) $34.99

Fax of Life by Dan Rhett $10.00

Music Books

Denim and Leather: The Rise and Fall of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal by Michael Hann (Bazillion Points) $29.95

Totally Wired: The Rise and Fall of the Music Press by Paul Gorman $34.95

Kurt Cobain: The Last Interview & Other Conversations $17.99

The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx $17.99


How to Forget Almost Everything: A Novel by Joshua James Amberson (Korza Books) $14.00

XX by Rian Hughes $25.00

Essay & Memoir

Essays Two: On Proust, Translation, Foreign Languages, and the City of Arles by Lydia Davis $23

Madam: The Biography of Polly Adler Icon of the Jazz Age by Debby Applegate $18.00


Rude Science: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About the Science No One Ever Talks About by Stefan Gates $16.99


Raising the Bar: A Bottle by Bottle Guide to Mixing Masterful Cocktails at Home by Brett Adams and Jacob Greer $24.95

Lit Journals, Chap Books & Poetry

Merv Zine Rhymes With #1 $5

Lyrics As Poetry #4 Journal of Songwriting and Prose $20

Overtime #63 Walkin’ Papers by June Thompson $2.00

Detroit Lit Mag #3 $3.00

Poplandia by Andre F. Peltier $10.99


Kitchen Table Magazine #5 The Roots Issue $20.00

Tidal Magazine Fall 22 #15 Jessica Henwick $16.00

Antigravity Oct 22 vol 2 #7 $10.00

new issues of: Mojo, AnOther Magazine, Skeptical Inquirer, ID, Empire