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Brand Names written by Billy McCall & illustrated by Sully Kaiju $4

Fish-Ins & Black Native Solidarity In the 1960s by Mariame Kaba (Half Letter Press) $7

Multiple issues of Coffee People Zine

Baphometta and the Fortune Teller by Davidt Dunlop $8

Dungeons and Dragons Ability Checks and Their Meanings by Smol Cynic $4

Drawn to History vol 1 #1 Jan 2023 $4.50

Ripped Head vol 2 $15

Student Planner: A Reflection On My Four Years at Art School and Educational Institutions $15

Unresolved #5 by Eli Schmitt $5

Figure Drawing Companion: 100 Plus Poses to Sketch On the Go by Maria B Cosenza $21.99

Collector by Jessica Hoofnagle (Fluke Publishing) $5

zines by Karis: New Beat Generation $24.99, 2022 $15, Butterfly Shit $5

Comics & Minis

King-Cat #82 by John Porcellino $5

Shadow Banshee Head Full of Clouds by Nadia Stodder $2

New Comics by Mae Lyne: Boys $15, Alter Ego The Neon City $4

Comics by Douglas Cueva, $1 each: Tiny Comix #1 Call Me Asmael by Doug Cueva, Vomito #3 Im Not an NFT Comics Anthology

Comics by Michaela Chan: Flood #1 $5, Lab Rat #1 & #2 $4 each

Our Grand Station 2nd edition by Kelly Wang $23

comics by Daimon Drew This/Daimon Hampton: Gold $5.00, Stoopin’ A Bronzeville Twitter Project $13, Paper Wings $3, Punx: An X Men Art Book $10

comics by Juan Lara: Jalapeno Business Comics Inspired by Text Messages and Mexican Food $5, Space Foo #1 $5, Odd Goblins #1 by Juan Lara $6

comics by Kapka: Missing by Kapka $20, Doobie Diary $15

Falke by JD Riley and Kradeelav $16

Wiggle Bird Comix #51 Tales 4 Tomorrow by Mergo Petrichor (Wiggle Bird Mailing Club) $5

Bong Verse #1 and 2 by Ari Gomez $15

Comic Book Millionaires – Parody Issue by Eric Gordon and Jeremy Rosenstein $6.99

Hacks for Hacks by Jude Bettridge $4

Graphic Novels

The Day the Cat Got Shot by Ben Dudley $17

Esther’s Notebooks by Riad Sattouf $30

Post York by James Romberger $17.99

Theth: Tomorrow Forever by Josh Bayer $24.99

Music & Film Books

101 Films You Could See Before You Die: A Film Guide for the Disenchanted by Billups Allen (Goner Records) $18.99

Busking Blues: Recollections of a Chicago Street Musician and Squatter by Westley Heine $20


Geez #67 Win 23 Craft at the End of the World $15

Lit Journals

Moss Piglet Jan 2023 Seventh Anniversary Issue $12

The First Line vol 24 #4 $6

The Last Line #8 $3

Other Stuff

The Magickal Botanical Journal: Plants from the Witch’s Garden by Maxine Miller & Christopher Penczak (Llewellyn) $19.95