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2 zines from Billy McCall:
Proof I Exist #40 $2
Behind the Zines #15 $4

Antigravity vol 21 #3 $10

Urban Guerrilla Zine #27 $10

Zines by Amanda Smithivas:
Week In the Stars $4
Oh Balls $3

International Review #169 Win 23 $3

Cog #2 by Zak Biggard $20

Early 2020s Chicago Punk Shows by J. Daniel Hud $13

zines by Mita Saldana:
Raindrops #1 $3
Pluviophile #2 $5

Cava #2 Feb 23 Black History Resilience and Liberated Future $10

various issues of Catalytic Quarterly $4 each

Comics & Minis

I Hope This Finds You #6 Diary Comics by Kevin Budnik $6

Stoneware Jug by Stefan Lorenzutti and John Porcellino $8

Comic Vomit by Xena Lopez $8

Cyanide Swamp #1 $10

Reptile House #11 $7

Barfology #1 Spr 23 Sick Mutts Comix and Art Zine $10

Computer News #4 $5

Marsha Marsha Marsha or Art School Blues by Holly English $10

Graphic Novels

Heavy Bright by Cathy Malkasian (Fantagraphics) $39.99

Politics & Revolution Books

Working It: Sex Workers On the Work of Sex edited by Matilda Bickers with peech breshears and Janis Luna (PM Press) $17.95


404 Error: Memoir of a Nobody by RG Vasicek and Zak Ferguson $10

Poetry, Chap Books & Lit Journals

Doom Scroll by Matthew Guenette (University of Akron Press) $16.95

Chap Books from Pitymilk Press:
It Is March and I Am Sitting Alone at a Thai Restaurant by Brea Harris and Patricia Murphy $12
Mash Notes by Jane Flett and Rosie Ship $10
Island Weather by Chelsea Tadeyeske and Anna Tesarova $15

Sinister Wisdom #128 Trans/Feminisms $14

Duet Duet (variou issues) by Elyse Johnson and Ricky Garni $6 each

Mystery and Adventure Series Review #60 $3

Overtime #64 What the Winner Takes by Karl Lykken (Blue Cubicle Press) $2

Books by James N. Wicklund:
Notes Found Scratched on a Bald Spot $14.95
Wildflowers Rising in the Boneyard $9.99


Elska #41 San Francisco, California $20