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Quimby’s Small 2.5″ Sticker $2


Acid Nun Paintings by Corinne Halbert $10

Every Song I Ever Heard: A Non Chronological Memoir No One Asked for #2 by AP Comfort $8

Unusual Places of the Chicago Suburbs #3 Subdivision Island Formed by Highways by Eric Kammerer $4

Radical Gardening Planting In Protest $6

I Wish For A Gentle Cloud Spirit For Your Day No Matter the Triblations You May Experience $15

Zines by Paul Shortt $10-$20: Performances for Waiting in Line: Performed Alone or In Collaboration with Others, Signs About Art, Don’t Let Adulthood Corrupt You and Other Signs & more.

Mutuo Soccorso! Tim Devin Tells You All About Boston’s Italian Mutual Aid Societies in the Early 1900s $11

Chicago Yesterday vol 22 #8 $15

World Wide Web: Modernism’s Influence on the Design of the Internet by Chayse Walker $10

Life Death and Creatures $7

Daily Affirmations by Ari G. $12

New zines by Sofia Diaz, $5 each: Texas Size IKEA, Chair Hunt


Grixly #61-#63 by Nate McDonough & friends $3 each

Witch Shit #1 A Comic Book by Chris Resnick $5

Untamed Highway #1 Comics’n’Stories by Noah Snodgrass $5

Cellist #1 by Crabby $8

Novice #1 by Sean McCarthy $10

Flowery #53 by Mel Stringer $10

Comics by Kapka, $15 each: Sketchbook Dump #2, Doobious Odyssey

Graphic Novels

Blankets: 20th Anniversary Edition by Craig Thompson (D&Q) $39.95

Macbeth by William Shakespeare adapted by K. Briggs (Avery Hill) $22.95

Damnation Diaries by Peter Rostovsky (Uncivilized Books) $24.95

Art & Photo Books

Street Art for the Planet by Xavier Tapies (Gingko Press) $19.95

In Chicago and Covered by Some Sort of Vine $20

Essay Books

Catastrophe Time by Gary Zhexi Zhang (Strange Attractor Press) $21.95

Film, TV & Music Books

A Masterpiece in Disarray: David Lynch’s Dune. An Oral History. by Max Evry $29.99

We’re Not Worthy: From In Living Color to Mr. Show, How ‘90s Sketch TV Changed the Face of Comedy by Jason Klamm $27.99

The White Label Promo Preservation Society vol 2 100 Flop Albums You Ought To Know by Sal Maida, Mitchell Cohen & friends (Hozac Books) $28.99


OKPsyche: a novel by Anya Johanna DeNiro (Small Beer Press) $15

Short Stories of Gustav Meyrink vol 2 The Master and Other Stories $13.99

The Wind Knows My Name: A Novel by Isabel Allende $28

Cardboard Clouds by Benjamin Niespodziany $18

Night of the Living Queers: 13 Tales of Terror & Delight by Shelly Page $12

Food Books

No Meat Required: The Cultural History and Culinary Future of Plant Based Eating by Alicia Kennedy $26.95


Le Toucher by Dutes Miller $20

Other Stuff

Blueprint Notebook: Technical Innovations (Dokument Press) $7.95