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Gifty Shit

Offer Me Alternatives/ Offer Me Solutions I Decline Sticker by God Bless Generica $1.75

We Are the Weirdos Patch $8

Weirdos Together Patch $8

Don’t Test Me Enamel Pin $12

Pronoun Enamel Pins by Adam JK $10

Lost Cause Patch $7

Your Utopia / My Dystopia Patch $7

Mel Stringer Stuff

Flowery #57 Diary Comix $10
I Love Suzy comic $15
Assorted greeting cards $7.50 each
Stickers, $6.50 each: Go Little Rock Star, Gruss Von Krampus, Salty Sweeties
…and more!


Right Ingredient Right Time #1 Strawberries by Rachel Hyman and Nick Disabato $5

More zines by Billy McCall: Proof I Exist #42 Five Days In Chicago $1 + Proof I Exist #43 split zine with QRK #5 Ed Tillman $3

Cis Just Doesn’t Get It #1 by Jude Bettridge $6


I Hope This Finds You issues #9 and #10 Diary Comics by Kevin Budnik $6 each

Graphic Novels

Holy Fools and Funny Gods the Hidden Link Between Religion and Humor by Izar Lunacek (Uncivilized Books) $24.95

Buzzelli Collected Works vol 1 the Labyrinth by Guido Buzzelli (Floating World) $29.99

Art & Photo Books

Weeds Tavern: Poster Art illustrated by Sergio Mayora, text by Dave Hoekstra $40

Skateparks: Waves of Concrete by David Andreu, curated by Luka Melloni $45

Politics & Revolution Books

The Complete Works of Malatesta: The Armed Strike: The Long London Exile of 1900–13 by Errico Malatesta, edited by Davide Turcato (AK Press) $28

Rattling the Cages: Oral Histories of North American Political Prisoners edited by Josh Davidson with Eric King (AK Press) $28


Pervatory by RM Vaughan $17.95


Circus of Books 1963-2019 $12

Pictures & Words: Straight to Hell Editions by Scott Ewalt $10

McOrgy by JB $14

Elska #44 Tbilisi Georgia $20


Tape Op #158 $5.99

Double Blind – assorted back issues $15 each

Lit Journals & Chap Books

N+1 #46 $16.95

Various new chap book titles from Porkbelly Press.