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2 new issues of Proof I Exist by Billy McCall! $3 each #45 A 2023 Reading Log $ & Proof I Exist #46 Jan 24 Looking Back at 2023 (with Ed Kemp)

Pound the Pavement #31 Graphics From the Sleeves of Vinyl Records of Palestinian Resistance and Existence by Josh MacPhee $8

Cat Party #10 by Katie Haegele (Microcosm) $4.95

The Goblin’s Rules of the Game a Guide to Living Life by Sean Aaberg (Microcosm) $10

ABQ Graffiti #4 2024 $2

Green Day Saviors EP Zine by Lennon $2

Hot Plastic Topic Audiophile Approach $3

Stacks #5/Lennon McCrea Zine #28 $3

Johnny America #10 $3

Grachki – Your Key to Midwest DIY Punk and Indie – Night Freak Feb 2024 by Jude BG $5

I’m Afraid I’ll Only Ever Be in Love Again in My Dreams: A Collection of Poems and Photographs by Sophie Potocsnak $5

In Search of Freedom and Self Determination: A Tour Through the Anarchist Movements in Graz, Austria, 1918-1938 by Reinhard Muller $3

Prince Come Home: Community Action With Unhoused Friends by North Seattle Neighbors and Kaitlyn S2

Good Advice From Kaiju: How Can I Live My Life When There’s No Roadmap for the Future $2

Deconstructing Settler Colonialism: The Internationals and Early Anarchism in the Wild West $4

The Party and What Came Before It Jan 2024 by Blair Ellair $10

From the Kitchen by JB and MD $4

Council of All Beings by Tanzen Lilly $10

Through Walls $3


Honey and Lavender by Clay Borsenik $17

Boys and Boomboxes: Four True Tales From Tweenhood by Carolyn Swiszcz $7

Huey #4 by Levi Friedman $10

Emotional Support by Jude Bettridge $5

Graphic Novels

Fall Through by Nate Powell $24.95

Aya: Claws Come Out by Marguerite Abouet, Clément Oubrerie (Drawn and Quarterly) $24.95

Music Books

All Over the Place: The Rise of THE BANGLES from the LA Underground by Eric M. Shade (Hozac Books) $32.99

Beatles Blackouts: Trips Around the World In Search of Beatles Monuments by Jack Marriott(Microcosm) $17.95

Dead Boys 1977: The Lost Photographs of Dave Treat $29.99

Politics & Revolution Books

Firebrands: Activists You Didn’t Learn About In School/Justseeds Artists Cooperative, edited by Shaun Slifer and Bec Young (Microcosm) $15.95

Graphic Liberation: Image Making & Political Movements by Josh MacPhee (Common Notions) $20

Malcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements edited by George Breitman $18

Outer Limits Books

Cabarets of Death: Death, Dance and Dining in Early Twentieth-Century Paris by Mel Gordon & Joanna Ebenstein (Strange Attractor Press) $27.95

DIY & Health

Unfuck Your Anger Workbook: Using Science to Manage Frustration Rage and Forgiveness by Faith G. Harper (Microcosm) $14.99


Pagoda: A Lesbian Community by the Sea by Rose Norman $18.95

Pencil by Carol Beggy (Object Lessons Series) $14.95


Our Strangers: Stories by Lydia Davis ( $26

The Bicyclist’s Guide to the Galaxy: Feminist Fantastical Tales of Books and Bikes edited by Elly Blue (Microcosm) $12.95

Corey Fah Does Social Mobility: A Novel by Isabel Waidner $16

Various Stories About Specific Individuals in Particular Situations by Eli S. Evans $9

Sex Guides & Culture

Unfuck Your Kink: Using Science to Enjoy Mind Blowiing BDSM, Fetishes, Fantasy, Porn, and Whatever Your Pervy Heart Desires by Dr Faith G. Harper (Microcosm) $14.95

Chap Books

This Fire by Justin Lacour $15