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Night Shift Films: Fictitious B Movies From the 80s and 90s by Turner Hilliker $5

Knock Knock by Shaun Levin $10

TV Static $10

Unsolved Mysteries Fan Zine $5

zines by Sydney Salk: Compilation Nation: The Only Fanzine Dedicated to Various Artists $5, 15 Jewish Women Real and Fictional All Young People Should Know $8

Angel Birth by Marianne Agnes & Noelle Richard $24

Way of the Canvas: The Mechanics of the World by Cam Collins $5

Rate of Decay #2 by Chris $1

No One Smiled by Jenny Nova and Nel Gosh $6

Saw Analysis and Exploration by Ben Brady $20


Reading in the Club by Hannah Johnston $15

Cookie Nights Vigo Spain by Andres Magan $10

Crumple #121 by Walker Mettling $20

Seabie and Crabcake #1 Beach Summer by Griffin Giersch $8

I Got a Tattoo Every Month of 2023 $4

Hoggett’s Notion #2 by Dylan Ward $6

Politics & Revolution Books

Cultivating a Revolutionary Spirit: Stories of Solidarity, Solar Cooking, and Women’s Leadership in Central America by Laura Snyder Brown and William Fleet Lankford (PM Press) $21.95

Firehose of Falsehood: The Story of Disinformation by Teri Kanefield and Pat Dorian $29.99

Music Books

Be Glad for the Song Has No Ending, revised and expanded edition: An Incredible String Band Compendium edited by Adrian Whittaker (Strange Attractor Press) $34.95


As the Rain Falls by Sam Plauche $15

Health Books

Self Love Club: Real Talk and Reminders for Discovering That We’re Enough by Hyesu Lee $18.95

Travel Books

Bored In the USA: A Field Guide To Bestish Stuff in America a Travelsized Book of Must See Parks and Roadside Oddities in All Fifty States $15

DIY/How To

Fungi: Discover the Science and Secrets Behind the World of Mushrooms by Lynne Boddy & Ali Ashby $40

How to Pull a Movie Out of Your Ass: Realistic Expectations for the First Time Filmmaker With No Budget to Speak Of by G. Dorchak $19.95

Instructions for Tool Wall With Assembly Guide by Hunter L.V. Elliott & Noelle Richard $20

Essay Books (Sort of) & Memoir

Snapshots of the Boy by Shaun Levin $15

Ten Bridges I’ve Burnt: A Memoir in Verse by Brontez Purnell $17

Of Pigs and Meteorites: Mildly Interesting Tales of Growing Up in a Hamlet Out in the BFE by G. Dorchak $15.95

Chap Books

Das Puke Book by Martin Wong (Primary Information) $10

Lazy-Eye Jack: Selected Poems 2004-2018 by Mark Timothy Hayward $5

Lit Journals

Pest Control Magazine #4 $14

Moss Piglet – multiple issues $12 each

Other Stuff

Kewpie Tattoo Sticker $3