Bob Suren reads from Crate Digger: An Obsession with Punk Records 7/17

Jul ’15
7:00 pm

cdig_lg: An Obsession with Punk Records is a funny, honest and personal memoir of thirty years in the D.I.Y. punk scene. There are stories about touring, recording studios and record stores. There are stories about success, failure, disappointment, self-actualization and heartbreak. There are 60,000+ words, 192 pages and 39 photos. The story takes place over three decades in nine countries on four continents. There are nine deaths, two basset hounds and one love poem. There are special appearances by Jello Biafra, Ron Reyes (possibly), Tesco Vee, Joey Shithead, Cheetah Chrome and one very serious FBI agent.

"Really brings to life the early days of the American punk scene as it spread slowly across the country, through turntables, fanzines, and word of mouth.  His vivid vinyl recollections illustrate how good record stores and adventurous college radio stations were so essential in bringing startling new music into the lives of many previously isolated kids.  It follows the trajectory of a kid as his passion for music became all-consuming."
– Jeff Nelson, Minor Threat and Dischord Records

"A fun, easy-to-read, personal narrative of 30 years of living through "Punk Rock" - finding records, going to concerts, making discoveries, and a myriad of other experiences - that help the reader "make sense" of a still-inspiring cultural revolution and breakthrough "philosophy of life" that spawned the current "entrepreneurial culture" (where everybody wants to start their own "start-up"). D-I-Y, indeed..."
-- V. Vale, founder of SEARCH & DESTROY and RE/SEARCH Publications


has written for numerous underground music magazines over the decades such as Maximum Rocknroll, Engine, Seven Inches to Freedom and published his own magazine, Heavy Rotation. Crate Digger is his first book.

For more info: or surentime(at)gmail(dot)com

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