Sep ’06
12:00 am

AYUN HALLIDAY event for Dirty Sugar CookiesWednesday, September 20th, 7:00 PMFREE
AYUN HALLIDAY is the author of THE BIG RUMPUS: A MOTHER?S TALE FROM THE TRENCHES, NO TOUCH MONKEY! AND OTHER TRAVEL LESSONS LEARNED TOO LATE, JOB HOPPER: THE CHECKERED CAREER OF A DOWN-MARKET DILETTANTE, DIRTY SUGAR COOKIES: CULINARY OBSERVATIONS, QUESTIONABLE TASTE and the creator and sole staff member of the award-winning quarterly zine THE EAST VILLAGE INKY. Halliday is BUST magazine?s Mother Superior columnist and has contributed to NPR. Her work has also appeared in PENTHOUSE, BITCH, UTNE, and HipMama and more anthologies than you can shake a stick at without dangling a participle. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband, the playwright Greg Kotis and their well-documented children.
About Dirty Sugar Cookies:
How does a picky eater morph into a low-budget epicure whose digestive indiscretions are a matter of public record? Just how far can a pregnant woman stray from the Best Odds Diet until a food-borne bacterial infection lands her in the hospital? Can a serial monogamist really keep track of every post-coital breakfast she’s ever enjoyed?
An omnivorous, rollicking chronicle of culinary awakening, Dirty Sugar Cookies is an oil-splattered, accidentally-dropped-on-the-floor, self-mocking love letter to everything Ayun Halliday has ever eaten ? and a few of the things she wishes she hadn’t.
This is a Reading/Signing for new book, Dirty Sugar Cookies
For more info: www.ayunhalliday.com