Bizarro Fiction Night

Jul ’08
7:00 pm

Eckhard Gerdes, D. Harlan Wilson, David Agranoiff and Garrett Cook will be reading selections from their Bizarro Fiction books!

The Performers:
Eckhard Gerdes is the author of My Landlady the Lobotmist, The Million-Year Centipede, and Przewalski’s Horse. Eckhard publishes The Journal of Experimental Fiction. At times, he writes about literature for The Review of Contemporary Fiction, American Book Review, and Electronic Book Review. His fiction appears in various journals every now and then.

D. Harlan Wilson is the author of Dr Identity, Pseudo City; The Kafka Effekt, and Stranger on the Loose. Currently he is the editor-in-chief of The Dream People, a journal of Bizarro literature, and is contributing editor for Guide Dog Books.

David Agranoff is the author of Screams from a Duying World.

Garrett Cook is the author of Murderland Part I: h8.

Other info: