Chicago Calling Event

Oct ’06
12:00 am

Chicago Calling Event Wednesday October 25th 8PM
With Mars Gamba-Adissa Caulton, Pamela Osbey, Xianggang Delight
This event will combine poetry readings and music, with a focus on the Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina. This event will be part of Chicago Calling: A 24-Hour Arts Festival. For more info, please see
Mars Gamba-Adissa Caulton hit the open mic poetry scene in Chicago in the early 90’s, reading mangled manifestos and timid tirades at Anotha Level @ Lit X, the weekly gathering in the basement with the leaky toilet and the best performance poets in town working out their craft. Having been a political activist since 1983, Mars quickly learned the true power of the Spoken Word: to Teach, to Unite, to Inspire and to Incite.
Pamela Osbey is an accomplished vocalist, poet, and freelance writer. She is a powerful spoken word artist with a mission to uplift and empower women and people of color. She has appeared in well-read texts, such as,, Rhapsody Publishing, The Nubian Chronicles, and the Daughters of Eve Network.
Xianggang Delight is a Chicago-based musical group that has been performing regularly since summer 2001. Their aim is to synthesize the following two elements: the post-global economic and social theories of Saskia Sassen and the rock group The Who’s musical output from 1965.