David Greenberger of Duplex Planet 4:30 PM

Oct ’06
12:00 am

For 27 years, David Greenberger has filled his zine, Duplex Planet, with the
insights, anecdotes and information gleaned from conversations with the
residents of nursing homes, meal sites and other elder-care facilities. In
1979, Greenberger landed a job as activities director at the Duplex Nursing Home in Boston, where he started publishing Duplex Planet. The stories, quips, the voices, the characters of senior citizens are elicited and shaped by Greenberger with questions such as \”What was the worst job you ever had,\” or \”How close can you get to a penguin?\” Duplex Planet is also now available in a wider variety of formats in addition to the zine, such as booklength compilations, independent comic books and CDs.
Quimby?s is proud to host Mr. Greenberger. He will read Halloween stories from his zine. For more info, see www.duplexplanet.com .