Damali Ayo reads from How to Rent a Negro

Aug ’05
12:00 am

Damali Ayo will discuss and sign her new book How to Rent a NegroTuesday August 16th 7PM
How to Rent a Negro is framed as a handy guidebook that gives much-needed advice and tips on technique. It is actually a hilarious satirical look at race relations that reframes actual stories, techniques, requests, and responses gathered from the author’s 30-odd years of research and experience. It includes step-by-step outlines for renters to get the most for their money: how to grab black people’s hair, invite them to your party, get them to teach you how to dance; and for rentals, it gives tips on how to become successful and wealthy, including what to wear and topics of conversation to avoid. Punctuated by quotes from former renters, How to Rent a Negro shocks and amuses, presenting a strikingly stark mirror of human relationships.
Damali Ayo’s web site, www.rent-a-negro.com, has been featured in media outlets including the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, Harpers Magazine, and Salon.com.
In her presentation, Ayo will read her favorite sections and tell some of the real-life stories that inspired the scenarios in the book.
Bring your camera and take a photo with Ayo in front
of a banner reading “my new black friend” or advertising themselves as “for rent.”