Hey Kidz! Book Event with Anne Elizabeth Moore and special guests Christa Donner and Jason Kucsma

Jul ’04
12:00 am

Hey Kidz! Book Event with Author
Anne Elizabeth Moore and special guests
Christa Donner and Jason Kucsma
Thursday July 29th 8PM
Hey Kidz! is out on Soft Skull?s new Red Rattle line for young adults. A guidebook to media literacy and artistic response, Hey Kidz! serves as a respectful, straightforward how-to manual for youth who have a problem with
the way the world works, but don?t yet know how to articulate their demands, nor achieve their goals, for world change. Illustrated by underground cartoonist Megan Kelso, this book will give any young adult a solid grounding in media systems and provide them with hands-on, easy-to-follow instructions to become radical card-carrying activists. (It will even provide instructions on how to make those cards, and where to hide them during border-crossings.) With emphases on community-building, teamwork, historical research, and self-expression, this book will even prove useful for improving those skills so sought after by educational testing-based programs.
Christa Donner is the editor and publisher of Ladyfriend Zine. She’s also a nationally-exhibited visual artist who uses large-scale drawings and small-press comics to explore issues of women’s health and body image. Whenever she can, Donner accompanies her art with workshops focusing on self-publishing, body image, art and activism. She has led programs for Planned Parenthood, the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Institute of Art, Ladyfest East, and numerous other organizations and institutions.
For more about Christa’s projects visit www.christadonner.com.
Jason Kucsma is the co-founder and publisher of Clamor Magazine, an award-winning bi-monthly that celebrates the revolution of everyday life. Clamor won “Best New Magazine” in Utne’s Alternative Press Awards its first year and has been nominated for “Best Social/Cultural Coverage” every year since. In the summer of 2002 he was featured in Utne as one of 30 young visionaries under 30 who are changing the world. Jason is also the co-publisher of the Zine Yearbook, a yearly collection of the best art and writing from the underground press that is now in its 8th year. He currently resides in Toledo, Ohio’s Old West End and is secretly very happy the rest of the country hasn’t figured out how great the midwest is.
For more, visit www.clamormagazine.org.
Anne Elizabeth Moore?s upcoming Hey, Kidz! Buy This Book: A Radical Primer on Corporate and Governmental Propaganda and Artistic Activism for Short People will be available from Soft Skull?s Red Rattle line for young adults in July 2004. Her work has previously appeared in Punk Planet, The Onion, the Journal of Popular Culture, the Chicago Reader, Clamor, The Progressive, The Comics Journal, and The Stranger, as well as in over 30 single-shot zines. She considers herself, however, a literary activist, which means she would far prefer you go do something about her work than read more of it. From Seattle, Anne is heading up the Radical Education Roadshow, a zillion-city reading and workshop tour in conjunction with several brilliant alternative media makers in support of Hey Kidz! and alternative media in general.
Find out more at www.heykidz.org.