Rory Litwin Discusses Library Juice Press

Jul ’09
7:00 pm

Quimby’s is always crawling with librarians during the ALA conference (American Library Association Annual Conference, July 9th-15th) every year, and we expect this year will be the same. And who better to have come speak during the conference at Quimby’s but some cool librarian who publishes stuff like Alternative Publishers of Books in North America or Barbarians at the Gates of the Public Library: How Postmodern Consumer Capitalism Threatens Democracy, Civil Education, and the Public Good?

Rory Litwin runs Library Juice Press, which specializes in books like the two listed above. Topics covered include library philosophy, information policy, libraries and politics, and in general anything that can be placed under the rubric of “critical studies in librarianship.”

This event is, of course, of particular interest to librarians. But it will also appeal to anyone interested in going to libraries, curating and organizing book collections, or checking out hot librarians with or without sassy glasses. ‘Cause let’s face it: librarians are hot.