McSweeney’s Event with: Paul Collins, Nathan Rabin, Claire Zulkey, Elizabeth Crane

Nov ’05
12:00 am

Paul Collins, Nathan RabinClaire Zulkey, Elizabeth Crane Tuesday November 1st 7PM
The Collins Library is proud to present the triumphant return of Harry Stephen Keeler?to some, an overlooked genius; to others, the Ed Wood of detective fiction. The Riddle of the Traveling Skull is perhaps his best-loved work. The adventure begins when a poem and a mysterious handbag lead a man to the grave of Legga, the Human Spider?and things just get stranger from there.
The event will feature readings from:
Paul Collins edits the Collins Library series for McSweeney’s Book, including their latest volume THE RIDDLE OF THE TRAVELING SKULL. His own most recent book is THE TROUBLE WITH TOM.
Nathan Rabin is the head writer for The Onion AV Club, and featured in their interview collection THE TENACITY OF THE COCKROACH. He is a regular contributor to Air America and NPR’s Day to Day.
Claire Zulkey is the author of GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, NPR and Second City, and she writes daily at .
Elizabeth Crane is the author of two collections of short stories from Little, Brown, WHEN THE MESSENGER IS HOT and ALL THIS HEAVENLY GLORY, and writes frequently at .