Mike Smith, Jason Jordan, Simon McKim & Todd Dills

Nov ’05
12:00 am

An Evening of ReadingsSaturday, Nov. 5th 8PMFree
Mike Smith: Mike Smith is from Fairdale, a small place in Kentucky. He once taught high school math with his English degree. He is the author of Tell Christian I\’m Sorry and the co-editor of Where Handstands Surprise Us. He is currently the editor of the online zine, decomp.
Jason Jordan: Jason Jordan is from New Albany, Indiana, and currently hosts the Bean Street Reading Series there. He writes book and music reviews for various online zines. His novel, Powering the Devil\’s Circus, is forthcoming. He edited last year\’s IUS Review.
Simon McKim: Simon McKim, originally from Indiana, plays in the bands, The Pitiful Jupiters and The Alecks, and appeared in the final installment of Joe Meno\’s zine, Sleepwalk. He, too, has a novel coming out, and enjoys philosophy. He is the editor of a zine called Bloviate This.
Todd Dills: Todd Dills is from South Carolina, but has lived in Chicago for over five years now. He is the editor of THE2NDHAND, a broadsheet and online zine. He recently edited ALL HANDS ON: A THE2NDHAND READER, which is kind of the best of THE2NDHAND, with some new stuff, too.