Old School Zine Reading Night! Say What!

Feb ’09
7:00 pm

Join us for a zine reading hosted by of Loop Distro and Proof I Exist zine and of Diatribe zine and formerly of Fall of Autumn Distro.

With featured zinsters:

: In between time served in grad school, teaching, writing zine reviews for Zine world, and volunteering with the Chicago Independent Radio Project, Andrew Mall consistently poses as an authority on all things hip and cool. While the most recent issue of his zine Living Proof is a year and a half old, he is currently editing the next issue with hopes for a late spring release.

: Matt Fagan is a zinester and artist from Oregon who now lives in Chicago. He runs Meniscus Enterprises, out of which he publishes his zines and comics. Matt is also the co-owner of a comic book store called Brainstorm.

: Rachel does a zine called Stream of Consciousness, now in its third issue.

: Liz Mason manages Quimby’s bookstore, the greatest bookstore ever, publishes a zine called Caboose, and thoroughly enjoys karaoke.