Rauan Klassnik and Paula Cisewski

Jun ’08
7:00 pm

A reading by Black Ocean poets Rauan Klassnik, author of Holy Land, and Paula Cisewski, author of Upon Arrival.

The Performers:
Rauan Klassnik was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Now he spends most of his time in Mexico looking after birds and dogs with his wife Edith. His poems have appeared in such journals The North American Review, MiPoesias, No Tell Motel, Caesura, Sentence, Tex!, Pilot Poetry, and Hunger Mountain.

Paula Cisewski is the author of Upon Arrival (Black Ocean, 2006) and the chapbook How Birds Work (Fuori Editions, 2002).  She lives in the Twin Cities where she teaches writing and humanities courses and hosts the Imaginary Press Reading Series.

From early silent films to early punk rock, Black Ocean brings together a spectrum of influences and combines them with a radical social perspective on the nature of art and humanity. We manifest our aesthetic in the books we print, the shows we produce, and the work we promote.

Based out of Boston, New York and Chicago, our intent is to saturate the public with skillful and passionate forms of expression through a wide variety of mediums.
Other info: www.blackocean.org