Ray Bawarchi reads from The Dirt People

Jun ’08
7:00 pm

will read a chapter and discuss the book, The .

About The Dirt People:
In the future, environmental degradation has forced humanity to live within giant domed cities.  The Corporate Sponsors, which have supplanted nation states, have brought humans to the pinnacle of civilization through a social order determined only by wealth. Information along with everything else has become a commodity. Life is good and only silly myths about “Dirt Men” plague the society. Follow one man as he challenges the social order and witness his transformation to a reluctant revolutionary.

Ray Bawarchi is a writer who lives in Asheville, NC. He is the author of the novel, The Dirt People. His next novel, Voltaire’s Walkabout, will be in the Stores by Christmas 2008. He has recently written several Opinion and Analysis columns for New Europe: The European Weekly, a newspaper serving Europe and the world.

For more info check: http://raybawarchi.blogspot.com/