Sex Crimes reading

Mar ’04
12:00 am

Sex Crimes reading with Lawrence Santoro and Wayne Allen Sallee
Friday January 9th 7PM
Sex Crimes, the latest title from Chanting Monks Press (this in tandem with Boneyard
Press) has been released and hits with all the impact of a kidney punch delivered by a Chicago hit man wearing brass knuckles. Featuring 15 tales by denizens of the fiction world\’s seedy underbelly, this anthology is packed with stories no other publishers wanted: orphans, the editors refer to them as, and all the stragglers in this orphanage have been abused.
Sex Crimes contains fiction by the likes of: David J. Schow (The Crow, LEATHERFACE: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, Red Nails), Wayne Allen Sallee (For You, the Living, Bumpyface, Year’s Best Horror and Sci Fi), Christa Faust (Hot Blood, Control Freak), Hart D. Fisher (Poems for the Dead, The Garbage Man), Joseph M. Monks (The Night Terrors, Stuff Out’a My Head, Cry For Dawn), Stephen Elliott (Jones Inn, Politically Inspired, What It Means to Love You), Stephen Bissette (Taboo, Swamp Thing) and others. Among the illustrators providing the graphic backbone for the tales are: Frank Forte (The Vampire Verses), Stephen Bissette, John Cassaday (Captain America, Dark Angel), James Helkowski (LEGION), Bryan Baugh (The Jackie Chan Hour, Agony in Black) and horror legend Bernie Wrightson (Stephen King’s The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Callah, Creepshow, Heavy Metal, The Stand) and others.
15 tales dealing with the topic of sex and crime with no boundaries, no holds barred, and no pulled punches. Stories other anthologies and publishers were afraid to publish.
Local authors Lawrence Santoro and Wayne Allen Sallee will be reading and signing copies of Sex Crimes
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