“Work In Progress” Meet-Up

Apr ’10
7:00 pm

Join us for our monthly get-together entitled “Work In Progress.” The idea is to provides feedback, community and work space. You can bring whatever you’re working on, whether it’s a zine, a comic, or some other project. We’ll provide the space and time, you provide the help for each other. This monthly event will take shape however it needs to. It will meet on the last Wednesday of every month here at Quimby’s from 7pm-8:30pm.

Here’s what we’re hoping “Work In Progress” will offer:

-Feedback. You can bring what you’re working on and get the feedback you need from other like-minded people. Maybe you need this feedback to be in the form of an informal discussion or you need it be in the form of a workshop. Or maybe you need it to be in some other format that will take shape at that moment. Or maybe there’s something else entirely different that you need help with. Perhaps you need to find somebody who can talk to you about finding a a good printer. Or maybe you want to ask other creators how they perform their work once they’ve written it. Who knows what? This is truly a “Work In Progress” that will organically take shape based on the people that attend it. You yourself may be helpful to someone else if you possess the know-how for something they need.

-Creative networking and community. Yes, this sounds super cheesy, but still. Here’s your chance to meet other people who are in your writing/art/general creative community. Who knows what can happen? Maybe you’ll find some other social misfit like yourself. Maybe you’ll meet a future collaborator or a friend. Maybe you’ll form a collective with some folks you meet. Maybe you’ll publish something with someone you meet. This will be exciting to see who meets who and what alliances are made. We meet so many great people that come through Quimby’s. It’s time for all of you to meet each other.

-Work space and designated time. Maybe you need to leave your house to get some work done. Maybe you need a designated time and place to force you to actually get some creative work done. Are you one of those people that if you were left to your on devices you’d never get anything done? You’ve got all these good ideas but you never do anything with them. Maybe this is the inspirational kick in the pants you need. Or maybe you just need to be surrounded by other people while you work, because for you, working alone at home is less fun. And unlike working at coffee shops, you won’t feel weird about talking to people you don’t know.

So maybe you’ve noticed that it’s not quite a workshop, not quite a skillshare, not quite an open house, and yet it can be all three. See you there!