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Quimby’s Welcomes Black & Brown Press’ On Struggling Issue #3 with Guest Readers Stephanie Camba, Jonas Cannon and Mercedez Gonzalez

Sep ’13
7:00 pm


In the latest issue of On Struggling by the Brown & Proud Press, the theme of bodies is explored through a collaboration of short stories, poetry, comics and drawings. Receiving submissions from across the country, this zine exemplifies the complexities of body issues for people of color, covering topics such as self-hatred and skin color, chronic pain/illness, fatphobia, colonialism and assimilation, sexual abuse, and more. With the goal of reaching out to people of color with similar issues, the zine juxtaposes stories of struggle with stories of survival, including Ode to Survival in this Great Wide World by Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes, and Historically Struggling Bodies of POC and Even More Work to be Holistic Allies by Mika Munoz.

“We believe sharing these stories with and amongst other people of color helps to dismantle the isolation and shame that white supremacy [colonialism, capitalism] creates, and replaces them with support, strength, and communities of care” – Monica Trinidad, co-founder of Brown & Proud Press

As well as being sold at Quimby’s in Chicago and Bluestockings in New York, On Struggling is also distributed through Brown Recluse Zine Distro (Seattle), twelveohtwo Distro (Toronto), and No Shame Distro (New Brunswick), and archived with POC Zine Project and the University of Chicago library. Brown & Proud Press was also recently invited to participate in the Zine Pavilion section of the American Library Association’s 2013 Conference, highlighting the noteworthiness of self-published works.

For more info visit: onstruggling.tumblr.com or email brownandproudpress(at)gmail(dot)com

Friday, September 6th, 7pm – Free Event