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Carrie Colpitts and Jami Sailor with Friends 2/11

Feb ’11
7:00 pm

Love is in the air! Carrie Colpitts and Jami Sailor with Friends Celebrate the Valentine’s Day Split Zine Brilliant Mistake #4 + Your Secretary #8

And check out these fellow readers!:

Dave Roche of About My Disappearance and On Subbing. Dave vowed to finish his first novel by the time he turned 30 years old; at 36 he’s five pages in. L.B. of Truckface and So Midwest and Awkward Spaces. She enjoys playing drums, dancing to the Kinks, and teaching. Puppy Dave of Black Carrot, Fort Mortgage, and How I Learned to Love Myself and Ocassionally Other Men. Dave likes some things and dislikes others. He plays drums in Warboner….and fresh of the state fair circuit, Laura Palmer and the Kates!

For more info:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171109372934574

Friday, February 11th, 7pm