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Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? This is your mother! Pick up the phone!

Liz Kissing Santa

So I feel like I should be all “Is this thing on?”-“Are you home? Pick up the phone”-“How does this thing work, hello, hello? This is your mom! What button do I press, wait, how do I — hello? hello?” about blog technology, but actually, it seems pretty straightforward. What late breaking news do I have for you today? The long awaited release of Dirty FOUND #3? A new thing from Robin of Cinema Sewer called Sleazy Slice? No, I wanted everyone to know that the Button-O-Matic gumball machine of retired buttons has made its way to Quimby’s. These are where the buttons previously unsold from machines in other places go to die. We are the only place in the city where you can find them! And they’re only a quarter!