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Just Added Event! Eames Demetrios Presents Kcymaerxthaere

Jun ’09
7:00 pm


Explore Kcymaerxthaere, the first global work of three-dimensional fiction, a collection of stories from Geographer-at-large Eames Demetrios. Eames travels the linear world installing bronze markers and entire historical sites that honor events from a parallel world in our linear world. Join us as Eames takes us into his alternate universe, Kcymaerxthaere! And yes, that spelling is correct!

Steven Haulenbeek, who may or may not be in some way related to Eames Demetrios, is here this weekend for, among other things, NeoCon, Chicago’s largest design fair.

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James Hannaham Reads From God Says No

Jun ’09
7:00 pm


In God Says No (McSweeneys) by James Hannaham, Gary Gray marries his first girlfriend, a fellow student from Central Florida Christian College who loves Disney World as much as he does. They are nineteen, God-fearing, and eager to start a family, but a week before their wedding Gary goes into a rest-stop bathroom and lets something happen. God Says No is his testimony—the story of a young black Christian struggling with desire and belief, with his love for his wife and his appetite for other men, told in a singular, emotional voice. Driven by desperation and religious visions, the path that Gary Gray takes—from revival meetings to out life in Atlanta to a pray-away-the-gay ministry in Memphis, Tennessee—gives a riveting picture of how a life like his can be lived, and how it can’t.

James Hannaham has written for the Village Voice, Spin, New York Magazine and once, circa 1997, a tiny sidebar in the front section of the New York Times Magazine. His fiction has appeared in The Literary Review,, Open City, and several anthologies.

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Megan Milks and Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf Read

Jun ’09
7:00 pm

Megan Milks, a true gem in the Chicago literary scene, marks a new kind of adventure with her chapbook, “Kill Marguerite.”  The story runs with its variations on a theme and bends them with a retro twist: life in an old school video game. The result is a fresh, entertaining story with a heroine the reader lives and dies with, again and again, while continually forgetting that she is nothing but a pixelated image on a screen, whose volition is tied to the trivial push of an A or B button.

Semi-professional mascot and full-time whiz kid Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf is currently getting his MFA at the School of the Art Institute, but more importantly he writes short little things that have been assembled in “An Implausibility of Gnus.” The book is the product of Bengelsdorf’s compulsive pick-pocketing from the coats of the American psyche. Over 30 stories pack into the collection, each revealing sparkling tidbits of the ordinary or ordinary disclosures of the fantastical.

An Implausibility of Gnus will be available in late June from Another New Calligraphy. “Kill Marguerite” is out now. Another New Calligraphy is a new non-profit project that supports Chicago writers and musicians.

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This event, as all events at Quimby’s, is a FREE EVENT.

Bob Odenkirk Signs Here!

Jun ’09
4:00 pm

(With Possible Special Funny Guest!)

With the belief that “true creativity comes from simple formulas and the memorization of data,” COMEDY BY THE NUMBERS© BOOKON-TAPE CD! is nothing short of an indispensable audio guide on how to be funny. Prof. Eric Hoffman & Dr. Gary Rudoren first reduced comedy to an easy-to-follow manual in the McSweeney’s humor bible COMEDY BY THE NUMBERS©, and now, for the first time ever, their work has been lovingly adapted to the medium of sound with the help of the brightest stars in the comedy galaxy. Would you like to make your co-workers laugh but have zero sense of humor? No problem! Take a tour of comedy history as you discover the power of such tried-and-true humor staples such as; “#-14-Catch Phrases,” “#16-Clowns,” “#86-Novelty Items,” “#24-Cursing,” “63-Jews & Their Idiosyncracies,” “#95-Pathos,” “#144-The Double Take,” “#82-Movie Spoofs,” “#101-Pie In The Face” and much, much more!

Guest readers featured on the CD include: Sarah Silverman, Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Janeane Garofalo, Zach Galifianakis, Patton Oswalt, Andy Kindler, Paul F. Tompkins, Matt Walsh, McSweeney’s founder Dave Eggers and many more!

The question isn’t, “Can I live without this book-on-tape CD?”
The question is, “How have I lived this long without it?”
Executive producer by Bob Odenkirk (of “Mr. Show fame) will be on hand to sign copies of the CD with a special guest!

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Jun ’09
7:00 pm


Multi-talented Chicago artist Archer Prewitt (The Sea and Cake, The Coctails) signs his new book, Work On Paper!

Not many people will know that the author of crazy and perverted comic, Sof’ Boy, is the same man who drew the beautiful and delicate nymph-like girl from the artists’ own music album, Wilderness. But look carefully and you will notice that the most intricately drawn fine lines and dots are mutual features of much of his work; the same organic, subtle, sophisticated and tender sensibility shine through in all of Archer Prewitt’s creations and never ceases to charm us.

This book collects 32 of selected works from a group of minimal drawings he has been working on for almost 20 years.

Foreword by Jim Harris (Courtauld Institute of Art, London).

Work On Paper (PressPop)
Hardcover, 48 pgs, color, deboss stamping on front cover
Size: 8 inches x 8 inches
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