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Tiki Party with Duke Carter the author ofTiki Quest

Nov ’03
12:00 am

Tiki Party with Duke Carter the author ofTiki Quest
Friday, October 24th 7:30pm
Tiki Quest: Collecting the Exotic Past is the latest book offering for Tiki fanatics. Many discover the mysterious wonders of the world of Tiki through some small cast-off relic. There are those who amass only enough to outfit their home bar, there are others who are obsessed with Tiki in every form. Duke Carter is obsessed. His book catalogues the collection of vintage Tiki he has put together through years of scouring thrift stores, flea markets, and junk shops.
Duke Carter has been collecting Tiki with his wife Amy for nearly a decade, and they knew from early on that the Tiki collection was more than just a hobby or casual interest. The Carter?s each had a small collection before they met, and when Amy took Duke to the Hala Kahiki on their first date, he knew they were destined to be together. Four years later they got married at the Kona Kai in Chicago, Illinois. The Carter?s Tiki collection boasts thousands of items and has been featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, and on HGTV?s Extreme Homes.

Rob Christopher reads from 100 Spinning Plates

Nov ’03
12:00 am

Rob Christopher reads from 100 Spinning Plates
Friday November 21st 8:00 PM
Rob Christopher reads from 100 Spinning Plates a collection of 100 Cards–100 Stories.
Shuffle & Read. Welcome to the world of Random Literature. 100 Stories on 100 Cards. Read as many as you like, in any order. Piece together your version of an exploded novel–or exploded reality. And let the significance fall where it may.
Come see what happens? How the story unfolds?

Androo Robinson reads from his mini-comic Cryptozoa

Nov ’03
12:00 am

Androo Robinson reads from his mini-comic Cryptozoa
Saturday December 13th 3PM
SevenTen Bishop presents a once in a life time event
featuring renowned illustrator Androo Robinson of Ped
Xing. His series of minicomics have garnered glowing
praise from all over the small press spectrum; from
Factsheet Five to The Comics Journal, and somehow
managed to rack up three Ignatz Award nominations.
In addition to the full length Ped Xing zine, Androo
produces the brilliant single panel series Cryptozoa
and the collaborative perzine Secret Mystery Love
Shoes with Maria Goodman. Recently Cryptozoa was
FEATURED in the July issue of Utne Reader!
For his performance at Quimby’s Bookstore Androo
provides a very oversized book containing some
favorite Cryptozoa panels and he will read, explain,
defend and discuss his work with the audience.
Androo lives and works in Portland, OR

Tom Levinson reads

Nov ’03
12:00 am

Tom Levinson reads from All That’s Holy
Saturday, November 15, 7:30pm
Tom Levinson says he’s no expert on religion, just a guy who set out on a road trip with a notepad and asked dozens of ordinary Americans to open up and tell him about God. Thousands of miles, scores of interviews, 305 pages and four years later, his journey has resulted in the recently published book All That’s Holy, a conversational documentary on contemporary American religious experience that’s earned acclaim from industry journal Publishers Weekly and veteran writers such as Joyce Carol Oates.
Levinson, a 29 year old University of Chicago law student, said he paid little attention to religion growing up in an unobservant Jewish family in Manhattan. In the book, Levinson borrows the terms “cafeteria Catholic” and “mess hall Muslim” from his subjects to describe the way Americans pick and choose among traditions as if in a buffet line.
In his account, a white New Mexican woman converts to Sikhism by way of yoga, a Cambodian Buddhist treats her cancer with both Western medicine and traditional healing, a southern Baptist says a “Hail Mary” when her daughter gives birth, Hindus worship Jesus icons, neo-pagans transform Halloween into a Celtic ceremony, Orthodox Jews keep kosher but smoke cigarettes, and Muslim women veil themselves but stand up for gender equality in the workplace. The book is light on analysis and heavy on anecdote, which Levinson said is by design.
“I wanted it to be as accessible as possible,” he said. “I see the book more as a conversation starter within faith communities … for example, do Baptists in Kentucky know the Muslims in Lexington? If not, why not?” These are the questions he said he hopes his book will encourage readers to ask themselves.
Tom Levinson will read and sign copies of All That’s Holy

Geoffrey Bent author of Silent Partners

Nov ’03
12:00 am

Geoffrey Bent author of Silent Partners
Saturday November 22nd 8PM
Geoffrey Bent will read and sign copies of Silent Partners
After 27 years of trying to get his outrageous satire Silent Partners into print, Geoffrey Bent finally found a publisher that didn\’t shy away from the subject matter. This black comedy of fiction delves into the mind of a necrophile, from his early childhood to his final sexual odyssey in search of the ultimate in dead icons to desecrate. The reader hears his innermost thoughts as he rants on God, politics, men, women, and the justification of his own perversions. Is the public ready for a book with subject matter so shocking? The first printing is already sold out.
“This wonderfully eccentric novel is by turns amusing and erotic, and always intriguing.”
Scott Turow
“Not for those with delicate sensibilities. Bent shatters convention with a sledgehammer and sifts through the remains with a magnifying glass.”
Corbin Chezner