Jennifer Bannan reads from Inventing Victor

Nov ’03
12:00 am

Jennifer Bannan reads from Inventing Victor
Friday October 17 8:00pm
Join Jennifer Bannan for the release of her first book Inventing Victor. Inventing Victor is a collection of short stories ranging in scope and subject: A teenage girl with an imaginary boyfriend, a middle-aged suburbanite confronted by an unwelcome reminder of his youth, and a gay teacher in love with a married man all drift through the book?s the landscape. Many of the stories in Inventing Victor dwell on people seeking some kind of normalcy in their lives, but whose efforts to belong only alienate them from others?and themselves. In the title story, an insecure teenage girl tries to impress her popular best friend by inventing a larger-than-life relationship with an imaginary boyfriend. Her increasingly complex web of lies ensnares not only her but her friends as well, with disastrous consequences
“This collection is an almost tender evisceration of contemporary yuppie neuroses, and it mercifully doesn?t take place in New York City. Jennifer Bannan gets the details right,”
-Neal Pollack
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