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Wred Fright, Crazy Carl Robinson and Grant Schreiber

Jul ’07
12:00 am

Wred Fright, Crazy Carl Robinson
and Grant SchreiberSaturday, July 21th, 7:00 PMFREE
An evening of reading, answering questions, channeling dead professional wrestlers to give advice to the audience, and who knows what else; featuring:
Wred Fright is the author of The Pornographic Flabbergasted Emus (ULA/Out Your Backdoor Press, 2006), a rock and roll novel from the world of zines.
Crazy Carl Robinson is the author of Fat On The Vine (ULA/Out Your Backdoor Press, 2007), a novel Carl\’s mother says is filth, but most other readers call a masterpiece.
Grant Schreiber of Judas Goat Quarterly brings the local flavor.
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Crimethinc’s Middle West Cloak & Dagger Tour

Jul ’07
8:00 pm

Crimethinc’s Middle West Cloak & Dagger TourThurs. July 19th 8pm

Crimethinc presents the “Crimethinc Middle West Cloak and Dagger Tour”, members of the Crimethinc collective will be visiting various Midwest cities (Davenport, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Kalamazoo, Columbus, etc) with puppet shows, workshops, and more. They’ll be presenting about Security Culture, Consent, Animal Liberation, and possibly Queer/Trans Awareness. The final destination of our tour is the Crimethinc Convergence, which is to be held in Athens, OH this year from July 25th-31st. There we will have many workshops on just about everything, all the while camping and enjoying the company of others in a community-oriented setting.

A group of 5 young activists from all over the US. with various activist backgrounds make up the Crimethinc members on this tour. There’re all anticapitalists, antifascists, and animal liberationists

More information is available at

Its a Galactic Zoo out there!

Galactic Zoo 7

Wow the magical Drag City Space ship just double parked in the bus stop to deliver a box of the brand NEW hot off the presses Galactic Zoo Dossier #7. Over 100 pages, more trading cards and yet another double CD compilation of crazy jams you would never hear otherwise. What a way to start the week!

Douglas Wolk, author of READING COMICS, is coming to Quimby’s!

Aug ’07
7:00 pm

Reading Comics

Douglas Wolk, author of READING COMICS, will be at Quimby’s, Saturday, August 11th, 7:00 pm. As usual, it is a FREE EVENT!

In Douglas Wolk’s READING COMICS: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean, fans have a collection of criticism about the artists and writers they admire most: Frank Miller and Klaus Janson (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns), Alan Moore and David Gibbons (Watchmen), Dave Sim (Cerebus), Steve Ditko and Stan Lee (Dr. Strange), Keith Giffen (Legion of Super Heroes), and more; and newcomers have a history of how comics evolved, a diverse list of the comics worth reading, and a context for how to read, consider, and discuss comics.

Adult Beverages!!!


Don’t bring a drink in a book store unless you know how to keep it from damaging stuff! 4 REAL!! Wet plastic cups set atop books is not a good look! Check Yourself!!!