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Quimby’s Top Ten Best Sellers for the Week of Dec 23rd – Dec 29th, 2007


1. Things to Make and Do 2008 Calendar by Nikki McClure $16.00
2. Slingshot 2008 Planner Small Size (Slingshot Collective) $6.00
3. Unmarketable: Brandalism Copyfighting Mocketing and the Erosion of Integrity by Anne Elizabeth Moore (New Press) $15.95
4. Venus Zine #34 Win 07 $4.50
5. Slingshot 2008 Planner Large Size (Slingshot Collective) $12.00
6. Acme #18 by Chris Ware $17.95
7. Bizarre #131 Christmas 07 $8.75
8. Cinema Sewer The Book by Robin Bougie (Fab Press) $19.95
9. Suicide Girls #2 Papercuts Aug 07 $15.00
10. Dishwasher: One Mans Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States by Pete Jordan (Harper Collins) $13.95

Holiday Hours Update for NYE

Holiday Hours again!!!!!

Sunday Dec 30th: noon till 6pm (normal)

Monday Dec 31st: noon till 5pm (short)

Tuesday Jan 1st: CLOSED (hangover)

Wednesday Jan 2nd: noon till 10PM (back to normal)

New Stuff 12/29/07

Well here it is the final new stuff post of 2007, and it’s a deep two weeks worth post at that. In some surprising last minute Santa style action not only did the new issue of McSweeneys drop last week but the Cinema Sewer Book arrived along with a long overdue monograph of Evan Hecox’s work! So we got a little reading material still here to keep you Yuletide literature log burning long into winter!

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Holiday Hours!!!!! Posted HERE!!!!


Hey Folks,

Quick holiday hours update! Since you keep calling me!
Sunday Dec 23rd: noon till 6pm (normal)

Monday Dec 24th: noon till 5pm (short)

Tuesday Dec 25th: CLOSED (Holler!!!!)

Wednesday Dec 26th: noon till 10PM (back to normal)

Things will be normal till New Years Eve, but I’ll post that as we get closer!

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Quimby’s Winter Windows 2007

Abominable Yeti – Quimby’s Winter Windows 2007, originally uploaded by Quimbys Bookstore.

Eskimos & Abominable Snow Yetis, two channel video warmth from the loving mind of Chicago-based artist Elisa Harkins