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Ali Fitzgerald presents Drawn to Berlin 11/8

Nov ’18
7:00 pm

Entwining political and personal displacement, Ali Fitzgerald’s graphic memoir, Drawn to Berlin: Comic Workshops in Refugee Shelters and Other Stories from a New Europe, is about loss, community, and the drawings that bind us. The students in Fitzgerald’s drawing classes are among the record-breaking number of people who are seeking asylum in Berlin, fleeing from countries such as Syria and Afghanistan. They draw images of experienced violence and careful optimism: rafts and tanks, flowers and the Eiffel Tower. Over the course of her decade in Germany, Fitzgerald experiences the highs of the creatively hopeful along with the deep depression of the disillusioned, all while waiting to stumble into her own glory like the great Modernists before her. Her comics are compassionate and unflinchingly intimate, as the fantasy of her bohemia crumbles in a globalized city.

Ali Fitzgerald has given us a beautifully crafted and sobering history lesson.” –Harry Bliss, New Yorker cartoonist

Ali Fitzgerald is a comic artist and writer living in Berlin. She is a regular contributor to the New Yorker. Her comics have also appeared in New York Magazine’s The Cut, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Bitch, and The Guardian. From 2013 to 2016, she wrote and drew the popular webcomic Hungover Bear and Friends for McSweeney’s.

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Here’s the Facebook event invite!

Thursday, November 8th 7pm – Free Event

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Hot Air Balloon Duels! Space Drinks! Junk Drawers! The Antelope Release Party at Quimby’s 9/8

Sep ’18
7:00 pm

Stop by Quimby’s on September 8th at 7pm to check out the release party of your new favorite journal of oral history and mayhem, The Antelope. Co-founders Elisa Shoenberger and Meghan McGrath have put together a great issue, featuring falconers, beekeepers, swashbuckling Frenchmen, drone hobbyists, space-themed drink recipes, artifacts of early flight, comics, poetry, blimp disasters, and more. This event will include a reading from contributor and fancy sweater-wearer Joe Mason, sharing tales of never-ending sushi, and at least one hot balloon duel. Eric Bartholomew’s famous Junk Drawer zine will make a special appearance, with historical Chicago artifacts galore.

“Elisa and Meghan are quirky and fun scholars interested in oral history and mayhem, and they’ve edited a wonderful magazine.”

Elisa Shoenberger is a freelance writer who has written for the Boston Globe, Hello Giggles, City Creatures Blog, Curbed Chicago, and others. Meghan McGrath is a wombat enthusiast, community radio DJ, and security ethnographer based in New York.

For more info:

Facebook event invite for this event
The Antelope in the Quimby’s on-line store

Saturday, September 8th, 7pm – Free Event


New Stuff This Week

False Economies: The Strangest, Least Successful and Most Audacious Financial Follies, Plans and Crazes of All Time by S. D. Tucker $22.95 – From the idea of ‘vegetable-money’ which rotted away in order to discourage the hoarding of coins and capital to the optimistic notion that it might be possible to destroy the North Korean economy with chocolate biscuits, from a madman’s quest to abolish charity to the US presidential candidate who accepted tax advice from outer space, this book tells the story of some of the loopiest monetary ideas of all time.


Fifty Four Hits From Hell by Blake Edwards (Public Collectors) $4

East Village Inky #59 Rides Again Melonfarmers – Print Is Not Dead by Ayun Halliday $3

Places and Spaces by Milo Krim $6

A Heart that Comes True – a Suicide Awareness and Prevention Zine by Nyxia Grey $5

Worst Behavior – Like a Lighthouse Two on Creativity and Trauma by Annie Mok for Rookie Mag $10

A Vagina is Not…/A Penis is Not… by Abner Oaken and B Worden $7

Pocket Book of Shadows #1 Leo Edition $8

Some Heartbreak Days by Carmen Ribaudo $4

Zine #2049.42 by Colton Walworth III $3.50

Try Hard, Dont Bitch by Syd Webb $5

Communicating Vessels #29 by Anthony Walent $3.50

Tell Me I Look Handsome by H Schenck $15

Chizza #1 Celebrating Pizza $5.50

Famous Cats Passed: Stories of Some of Life’s Greatest Companions by Joseph Carlough $1.50

Comics & Minis

Stripburger #71 $10

2 comics from Lucy Knisley! $5 each
You Are Zero Years Old: A Zine for Babies & Look at My Cute Cub: Cartoons on Parenting

True Stories #3 by Derf $5.99

Alternative Reality #4 by Lawson Chambers $5

Madame de Sade by Patrick Walwoth $5

Fifty Feet of Rope #1 $5

Not Really An Emotion by Kevin Marshall $4

Graphic Novels

Come Again by Nate Powell (Top Shelf) $24.99 – Love, mystery and unraveling on a 70s commune in the Ozarks with this Powell’s first solo graphic novel in seven years! Don’t miss him here at Quimby’s on Aug 9th!

Lawns by Alex Nall (Kilgore) $10

Maroon Comix: Origins and Destinies, anthology compiled by Quincy Saul (PM Press) $15.95

Garlandia by Jerry Kramsky and Lorenzo Mattotti (Fantagraphics) $39.99

Ghost Script by Jules Feiffer $26.95

Mooz Boosh by Sam Spina $10

Sweaty Palms vol 1 An Anthology About Anxiety by Sage Coffey & Liz Enright $25

I Rene Tardi Prisoner of War in Stalag 11B GN $29.99

Politics & Revolution

Letters to a Young Feminist by Phyllis Chesler $14.99 – Words from the legendary feminist leader.

On the Fly!: Hobo Literature and Songs, 1879–1941 by Iain Mcintyre (PM Press) $27.95 – Dozens of stories, poems, songs, stories, and articles produced by hoboes to create an insider history of the subculture. Adrenaline-charged tales of train hopping, scams, and political agitation are combined with humorous and satirical songs, razor sharp reportage and unique insights.

Art Books

Carve!: A Book on Wood, Knives and Axes by Hannes Dahlrot / Henrik Francke (Gingko Press) $29.95

Outer Limits

Murder by Numbers: Fascinating Figures Behind the World’s Worst Crimes by James Moore $24.95 – What is the connection between the number 13 and Jack the Ripper? And what is so puzzling about the number 340 in the chilling case of the Zodiac killer? Revealing insights!

Music Books

The Other Night at Quinn’s: New Adventures in the Sonic Underground by Mike Faloon (Gorsky Press) $13.95 – Editor of the zine Zisk writes a compelling portrait of a music scene surrounding a NY bar’s experimental jazz night.

Kyary Pamyu Artworks 2011-2016 by Steve Nakamura (Seibundo) $47 – Bizarre but absolutely kawaii – this book is a visual chronicle of J-pop icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. CD jacket designs with interpretation of Kyary’s world view described by her art director.


Baby, You’re Gonna Be Mine: Stories by Kevin Wilson $26.99

All Internal by Terence Hannum $11.99


Fool #7 The Political Issue $29.99

Bust #112 $6.99

She Shreds #15 $10

Drift vol 7 San Francisco $24

Mojo #297 $11.25

Wire #413 $10.99

Ambrosia vol 5 San Francisco Bay Area $19

BCC MEN #1 $15

Lit Journals & Poetry

The Lady Churchills Rosebud Wristlet #38 $5

The Believer #119 $12

Motley Magazine #2 & #4 $5 each

Aquamarine Soul Whispers by CJ Wilkens $16