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New Stuff This Week


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To Hold Infinity Zine Club Edition by Lary Wolf $4

G33K #1 Motion Arts Streetstyle Zine and Branding $5

Exuvia #6 $8

Comics & Minis

How to Be a Bug by Rachel Bard $10

Covid Desert Diary Winter 2021 by Walke Mettling $10

Is This Real by Sofia Diaz $7

Oompa Loompa Uprising: A Brain Sanitizer Zine $3.99

Hell For Devils #1 Heaven of Hell $3.50

Unseen Press Titles, $7 each: Ignorant Past issues #2 & #3, There Are No Words, This Land Is Your Land, Trifid

Graphic Novels

One Beautiful Spring Day by Jim Woodring $49.99

Boris the Potato Child by Anne Simon $29.99

Radium Girls by Cy (Iron Circus) $15

Sleeping While Standing by Taki Soma (Avery Hill) $16.95

Save It for Later: Promises, Parenthood, and the Urgency of Protest by Nate Powell $18.99

Art Books

Dream in Color: 30 Posters of Power, 30 Black Creatives, curated by Tre Seals $29.95

Tom of Finland: An Imaginary Sketchbook by Tom Of Finland $39.95

Politics, Revolution & Essay

Abolition Feminisms vol 1: Organizing, Survival, and Transformative Practice, edited by Alisa Bierria, Jakeya Caruthers & Brooke Lober (Haymarket Books) $22.95

Crisis and Care: Queer Activist Responses to a Global Pandemic, edited by Adrian Shanker (PM Press) $15.95

Surplus-Enjoyment: A Guide For The Non-Perplexed by Slavoj Žižek $27

Heaven by Emerson Whitney (McSweeney’s) $18

Mayhem & Outer Limits Books

City of the Beast: The London of Aleister Crowley by Phil Baker (Strange Attractor Press) $22.95

Obsolete Spells: Poems & Prose from Victor Neuburg & the Vine, Press edited by Justin Hopper (Strange Attractor Press) $21.95

The Devil’s Atlas: An Explorer’s Guide to Heavens, Hells and Afterworlds by Edward Brooke Hitching $29.95

Film & Music Books

Cinema Sewer Collected vol 8 by Robin Bougie $24.95

Assembling a Black Counter Culture by DeForrest Brown Jr. (Primary Information) $20

Out of Space: How UK Cities Shaped Rave Culture by Jim Ottewill (Velocity Press) $20

French Connections: From Discotheque to Daft Punk – The Birth of French Touch by Martin James (Velocity Press) $20


Begin the World Over by Kung Li Sun (AK Press) $17


Adbusters #162 $14.95

Progressive aug-sept $5.95

The Baffler #64 $14

New Territory #12 Flight $15

Cinema Scope #91 $5.95

Breathe #48 $15.99

The Monthly Review july-aug $14

Mojo #345 $12.50

Wire #461 july $12.75

Geez Contemplative Cultural Resistance #65 $15

Chap Books & Lit Journals & Poetry

Brick #109 $20

Approach of Etiolqa by Will Dee $8

Granta #160 $19.99

Melting Pot by PJ Ziols $14.99

Other Stuff

Critical Drinker Floaty Pen Set by Brass Monkey $12

Ignota Diary and Weekly Planner 2023 $25.95

New Stuff This Week


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The Match #124 summer by Fred Woodworth $3

Junk Drawer Picnic by Eric Bartholomew $1

2 zines by Lydian Brambila & friends: Poise and Resignation: A Zine on Monastic Life, Bread and Rose Ceremonies: A Bachelorn Fanzine, $5 each

Frightmarish Zine #2 $5

Normal Messy Life is Possible: Managing and Documenting Mental Health Issues through Diary Comics by E. Joy Mehr $1

Come Home to Me by Daija Guy $6

Ken Chronicles #64 + assorted back issues by Ken Bausert $4

Voyan Adventures #5 Starfire by Stephen Willems $5.99

Highgate Eye #8 by Dean Squishman $3

No Scene Zine #6 Presents How’s Ya Holes by BSide, July Timesheets & Spacebar $5

zines by Mara Gervais: Getting My Fill $5, Not Trans Queer Brown Enough $8

That’s Like Fighting Godzilla with a Squirtgun #20 $5

A vairety of photo zines by Alexander Mouton $7

Comics & Minis

Little Like Yourself by Sam Hensley $18

Riverside Companion #3 by Kevin Huizenga $8

various comics by John Weston: Homework, Weird Hand, Floating & more. $5-$20

Bats at Sunfall $3.50

Mini Party: 4 comics by Shoshanna Cohen $5

Twin Star by Alex Sensiba $15

Blood Letter by Audrey Gallacher $7

Comics by Zak Biggard: Father, Face Slashers Wall Smashers $3 each

Sleep by Jerky Pup $5

One Cent Robot Boyfriend by Elyssa Saldana $5

All My Friends Were There $10

Saint Christopher #1 $7

Eat My Shorts by Chris Resnick $5

Mineshaft #42 $15

Huey by Levi Friedman $7

Graphic Novels

The End: Revised and Expanded by Anders Nilsen (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Birds of Maine by Michael DeForge (D+Q) $34.95

Outer Wilderness by Claire Scully (Avery Hill) $12.95

The Bend of Luck by Peter & Maria Hoey $19.99

2120 by George Wylesol (Avery Hill) $26.95

We Are Indeed: A Knitting Circle by Zeno Pirone $22

How To Say Hello vol 2 by Max Morris $10

World Record Holders by Guy DeLisle (D+Q) $21.95

Politics & Revolution Books

Abolishing State Violence: A World Beyond Bombs, Borders, and Cages by Ray Acheson (Haymarket Books) $19.95


This Story Will Change: A Memoir, After the Happily Ever After by Elizabeth Crane $26

Art & Photo Book

Where Do We Go From Here: A Visual Narrative by Connor Sovak $20

Fake Signatures by Nathan Hiemstra $17


Ossman & Steel’s Classic Household Guide to Appalachian Folk Healing: A Collection of Old-Time Remedies, Charms, and Spells by Jake Richards $16.95

Two Dollar Radio Guide to Vegan Cooking: The Pink Edition by Eric Obenauf & friends $16.99

Tarot Original 1909 Book (based on work of Arthur Edward Waite, Pamela Colman Smith) by Sasha Graham $23.95

Weedy Wisdom for the Curious Forager: Common Wild Plants to Nourish Your Body & Soul by Rebecca Gilbert $16.99


Tape Op #150 $5.99

Project Calm #7 $25

Harpers Magazine august $7.99

Vive Le Rock #92 $13.99

Shindig #128 $14.25

Dazed and Confused vol 5 #276 $14.99

Empire July 22 $11.75

Fire #3 Art and Style by Rhys Anderson $2.50

Lit Journals

Bennington Review #10 $15

Culturala #1 $17

Iowa Review vol 51 #2 $8.95

Batshit Times #3 $24.99


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