Zine Club Chicago Online: Cheap Copies! Edition with Special Guest Rich Dana, Aug. 16th!

Aug ’22
7:30 pm
Zine Club Chicago Online: Cheap Copies! Edition
with Special Guest Rich Dana
7:30 p.m. CT Tuesday, August 16 on Zoom

This month, Zine Club Chicago is really excited to welcome special guest Rich Dana, a stencil artist, zinemaker, and founder of Obsolete Press. Rich will be joining us on Zoom to discuss his recent release, Cheap Copies!: The Obsolete Press Guide to DIY Hectography, Mimeography & Spirit Duplication, and demonstrate one of the no-cost/low-cost analog printing techniques featured in the book.

Bring your questions for Rich and your favorite zines that were printed using cheap, cool, and tactile DIY techniques! We want to hear about the non-digital ways that zines in your collection (and that you’ve made yourself!) were reproduced, including hecto, ditto, mimeo, block printing, letterpress, screen printing, and copying by hand.

Grab your stack of analog-printed zines, BYOS(nacks), and join us on Zoom for Zine Club Chicago Online: Cheap Copies! Edition with Special Guest Rich Dana at 7:30 p.m. CT Tuesday, August 16!

** RSVP required ** We want to make sure that our online Zine Club Chicago events are a safe space, so we won’t be releasing the Zoom link publicly. If you’d like to attend, please email zineclubchicago@gmail.com to RSVP by 9 p.m. CT Monday, August 15 (the evening before our event). We’ll email you the Zoom link by 5 p.m. CT on Tuesday, August 16.

Zine newbies and longtime enthusiasts alike are always welcome at Zine Club Chicago, the city’s only book club-style event for people who read zines. This free monthly series is produced by Cynthia E. Hanifin and sponsored by Quimby’s Bookstore. Anna Jo Beck designs our monthly flyers, created our logo, and made our Zine Club Chicago Shout-Outs site, where folks can peruse and recommend zines we’ve discussed at our events.

More info at quimbys.com and on the Zine Club Chicago social media channels: @zineclubchicago. Facebook event is here.

Image description: A red-and-blue infographic flyer featuring a photo of zinemaker Rich Dana demonstrating an analog printing technique and text that reads: “Zine Club Chicago: Cheap Copies! Edition with Special Guest Rich Dana; Online! Free! Zoom info on quimbys.com; 7:30 p.m. CST Tuesday, August 16”