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Acid Nun by Corinne Halbert (Silver Sprocket) $29.99


This Goth Bitch Halloween Freakout by MV Garcia $6

At Home #2 and #3 $5 each

Comics & Minis

Fungirl: You Are Revolting by Elizabeth Pich (Silver Sprocket) $5.99

Crickets #8 by Sammy Harkham $10 (Silver Sprocket) $9.99

Fruiting Bodies by Ashley Robin Franklin

Gutter Hunter #2 The Adults Only Guide to History’s Wildest Independent Comics by Robin Bougie $13

Mount Pleasant #1 Delightfully Deranged Art of Robin Bougie (Spread Love Comics) $10

Graphic Novels

Prometheite by Ari S. Mulch (Uncivilized) $19.95

Art Books

Stickers vol 2 From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art – More Stuck-Up Crap by DB Burkeman $19.98

Crisis as Form by Peter Osborne $29.95

The Cute, edited by Sianne Ngai $24.95

Outer Limits & Mayhem

Frederik Ruysch and His Thesaurus Anatomicus: A Morbid Guide edited by Joanna Ebenstein $34.95

Over My Dead Body: Unearthing the Hidden History of America’s Cemeteries by Greg Melville $27

A Haunted History of Invisible Women: True Stories of America’s Ghosts by Leanna Renee Hieber & Andrea Janes $16.95

Music & Film Books

Lyrics by Brian Ferry $29.95 – We have limited copies of signed editions!!

Extreme Music: From Silence to Noise and Everything In Between by Michael Tau (Feral House) $29.95

Nonbinary: A Memoir by Genesis P-Orridge $18

Feminist Worldmaking and the Moving Image by edited by Erika Balsom & Hila Peleg $39.95

Boogie Down Predictions: Hip-Hop, Time, and Afrofuturism edited by Roy Christopher (Strange Attractor Press) $21.95

You’ve Got Red On You: How Shaun of the Dead Was Brought to Life by Clark Collis $18.99

Life. Love. Shirts. A Collection of Hardcore Clothing $25

Stepford Daughters: Weapons for Feminists In Contemporary Horror by Johanna Isaacson $20

Better Never Than Late: Midwest Hardcore Flyers ad Ephemera 1981-1984 by Tony Rettman & friends (Radio Raheem Records) $29.99


Are You Too High? A Practical Guide Not Medical Advice by Brian Box Brown, Not a Doctor (NeatoCo) $17.99

How We Roll: The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs by Noah Rubin, illustrated by Tasia Prince $16.95

Cocktail Botanica: 60+ Drinks Inspired by Nature by Elouise Anders & illustrated by Annabelle Lambie $19.95

Psyched: Seven Cutting Edge Psychedelics Changing the World by Amanda Siebert $21.95

Politics & Revolution Books

Gentrification Is Inevitable and Other Lies by Leslie Kern $24.95

Self Defense: A Philosophy of Violence by Elsa Dorlin $26.95

Year of the Tiger: An Activist’s Life by Alice Wong $17

The Rise of a New Left: How Young Radicals Are Shaping the Future of American Politics by Raina Lipsitz $26.95

The Future Is Disabled: Prophecies, Love Notes and Mourning Songs by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha $19.95

Dead Center: Reflections on Liberalism and Democracy After the End of History by Luke Savage $21.95

Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation by Sophie Lewis $16.95

Essay Books

Growing Up Underground: A Memoir of Counterculture New York by Steven Heller $27.50

Everything, All the Time, Everywhere: How We Became Postmodern by Stuart Jeffries $19.95

The Arab Is Queer: An Anthology by LGBTQ+ Arab Writers edited Elias Jahshan $19.95


Love Me Tender by Constance Debre (Semiotext(e)) $17.95

Concerning Those Who Have Fallen Asleep: Ghost Stories by Adam Soto $17

Weasels in the Attic by Hiroko Oyamad $13.95

I Fear My Pain Interests You by Stephanie Lacava $19.95

Medusa’s Ankles: Selected Stories by A. S. Byatt $18

Harlem Shuffle: A Novel by Colson Whitehead $17

Several People Are Typing: A Novel by Calvin Kasulke $16

Arkdust by Alex Smith $15.95


Lula #31 $24.25


Craft and Conscience: How to Write About Social Issues by Kavita Das $19.95


Broken Pencil #97 $7.95

Butt Magazine #31 $15

Lit Journals

Masks Literary Magazine #3 $10

The Paris Review #241 $20


Witches’ Almanac #42 Spring 2023-2024 $15.95

For the Young at Heart

The Fairy Atlas: Fairy Folk of the World by Anna Claybourne, illustrated by Asiain Lora Miren $19.99