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Zine Club Chicago Online: Winter Lodge Edition Co-hosted by Zine Party, Dec. 13th!

Dec ’22
7:30 pm

A red-and-blue infographic flyer, with the image of a pair of feet clad in cozy socks, propped up on a table next to a stack of books with a mug set on top and a roaring fire in the background, and text that reads: “Zine Club Chicago: Winter Lodge Edition Co-hosted by Zine Party!; Online! Free!; Zoom info on and; 7:30 p.m. CST Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2022”

Zine Club Chicago Online: Winter Lodge Edition Co-hosted by Zine Party!
7:30 p.m. CT Tuesday, December 13 on Zoom

This month, Zine Club Chicago is teaming up again with Zine Party! to ring out 2022 with a festive online gathering! Let’s get cozy, make mini zines together, and discuss our highlights of the year in self-publishing. Zine Club Chicago will set up a swap by mail after the event for folks who’d like to share the mini zine they made, too.

Grab your zinemaking supplies*, BYOH(ot)C(ocoa), and join us on Zoom for Zine Club Chicago Online: Winter Lodge Edition Co-hosted by Zine Party! at 7:30 p.m. CT Tuesday, December 13.

** RSVP required ** We want to make sure that our online Zine Club Chicago events are a safe space, so we won’t be releasing the Zoom link publicly. If you’d like to attend, please email to RSVP by 9 p.m. CT Monday Dec. 12 (the evening before our event). We’ll email you the Zoom link by 5 p.m. CT Tuesday, Dec. 13.

Zine newbies and longtime enthusiasts alike are always welcome at Zine Club Chicago, the city’s only book club-style event for people who read zines. This free monthly series is produced by Cynthia E. Hanifin and sponsored by Quimby’s Bookstore. Anna Jo Beck designs our monthly flyers, created our logo, and made our Zine Club Chicago Shout-Outs site, where folks can peruse and recommend zines we’ve discussed at our events.

Zine Party!, a monthly Zoom hangout for folks who make zines, is hosted by Michael Verdi on the second Tuesday of each month. Find out more at

More info at and on the Zine Club Chicago social media channels: @zineclubchicago. Facebook event is here.

* You’ll need a few sheets of 8.5×11” paper, a pair of scissors, whichever implements you prefer for writing/drawing/etc., and your creativity! If you’ve never made a mini zine before, here’s a quick video tutorial (and we can provide any assistance you need at the event, too):

Image description: A red-and-blue infographic flyer, with the image of a pair of feet clad in cozy socks, propped up on a table next to a stack of books with a mug set on top and a roaring fire in the background, and text that reads: “Zine Club Chicago: Winter Lodge Edition Co-hosted by Zine Party!; Online! Free!; Zoom info on and; 7:30 p.m. CST Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2022”

Support Quimby’s on Cyber Monday (Or Any Day, Really)

It being Cyber Monday we thought we would give a shout out to the multiple ways you can use your hard earned moolah to support us with your mail order.
You probably know we have a webstore at where we sell all our QuimbSwag (gift certificates, t-shirts, all that stuff) and a select few other exciting things. You can have stuff shipped! Or you can select Curbside Pickup and we’ll hold it for you!
But did you know your can also order from and give us a kickback?
Here’s the story with that. Let’s say you want a book we carry (or even a book we don’t carry) though it’s not available on our website. (See our link in our bio.) But you still want to buy it from Quimby’s. Our online store provides that opportunity and also lets you order your guilty pleasure book you don’t want anyone to know you’re reading. And you have it shipped directly to you! Your favorite bookstore (that would be um, us) gets a commission when you select Quimby’s as the store. We thank you for that! There are some curated lists over there too if you need some suggestions. Just make sure the Quimby’s logo is in the upper left corner and you’re gold.
Astute Quimby’s fans will recall back in the day we used to have a version of this that we used to joke about and we called it Quimazon? It was that thing that nobody used because it was awkward and confusing. Remember that? is a much better version of that, an iteration that’s easy to use and updated in a way that makes sense for people. Hoo-ray!

New Stuff This Week


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SNAX: A Zine Club Chicago Collab Zine, edited by Rachel Hyman and Liz Mason and Cynthia E. Hanifin $12

Draculas Dumpster vol 1 #1 This Ain’t No Hula $6.75

Mythological Encyclopedia 1st edition by Kristel Becares $15.00

Zines & Comics by Emma B Rosengarten: Muscular I Hardly Know Her $6, Flee $4.00 & more.

Last Place Chili by Tin Diaz-Rodriguez $2.00

Unresolved #4 Tehching Hsieh and Donkey Basketball by Eli Schmitt $5.00

Cephalophore #1 Chicago $5.00

New Stuff & restocks from Firemotif

Zines from Catdroool: Twin Peaks Zine, How to Become an Artist, We Deserve Cats, Missed Connections & more $10 each

Comics & Minis

Magical Beatdown vol 3 by Jenn Woodall (Silver Sprocket) $9.99

Flowery #45 by Mel Stringer $7.50

Detention #2 Maggie a Girl In the Streets by Stephen Crane (Fantagraphics) $20.00

Sir Alfred #3 by Tim Hensley (Fantagraphics) $20.00

Anenome by Lindsey Shaw $5.00

Vacuum Decay #5 by Harry Nordlinger $10.00

Stay Awake by Alex Strader $9.00

New issues of New Wave Comics by David & Reginald Wayne Soileau $2.00 each

Tack #1 Try Again Cool Kid $10.00

Isidore and Friends vol 1 by Alexi $6.00

New stuff & restocks from Davidt Dunlop

New stuff & restocks from Ivy Rose

Thee Infinite C by Joshua W Cotter $2.00

Day Dreamers Science $12.00

ANTICAT dEFY cATEGOREY #1 edited by Duke Pierce Reade $3.00

Mom and I by M. Elias Hiebert $1.00

Graphic Novels

Men I Trust by Tommi Parrish (Fantagraphics) $34.99

Fax of Life by Dan Rhett $10.00

Music Books

Denim and Leather: The Rise and Fall of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal by Michael Hann (Bazillion Points) $29.95

Totally Wired: The Rise and Fall of the Music Press by Paul Gorman $34.95

Kurt Cobain: The Last Interview & Other Conversations $17.99

The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx $17.99


How to Forget Almost Everything: A Novel by Joshua James Amberson (Korza Books) $14.00

XX by Rian Hughes $25.00

Essay & Memoir

Essays Two: On Proust, Translation, Foreign Languages, and the City of Arles by Lydia Davis $23

Madam: The Biography of Polly Adler Icon of the Jazz Age by Debby Applegate $18.00


Rude Science: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About the Science No One Ever Talks About by Stefan Gates $16.99


Raising the Bar: A Bottle by Bottle Guide to Mixing Masterful Cocktails at Home by Brett Adams and Jacob Greer $24.95

Lit Journals, Chap Books & Poetry

Merv Zine Rhymes With #1 $5

Lyrics As Poetry #4 Journal of Songwriting and Prose $20

Overtime #63 Walkin’ Papers by June Thompson $2.00

Detroit Lit Mag #3 $3.00

Poplandia by Andre F. Peltier $10.99


Kitchen Table Magazine #5 The Roots Issue $20.00

Tidal Magazine Fall 22 #15 Jessica Henwick $16.00

Antigravity Oct 22 vol 2 #7 $10.00

new issues of: Mojo, AnOther Magazine, Skeptical Inquirer, ID, Empire

New Stuff This Week


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Recovering and Creating Memories with My Dead Friends: A Grief Perzine by Red Schulte $7.00

Space Available $4.00

new versions of Lucinda J. Williams’ Bookshelf Voyeur

Silent Command $5.00

Fluke #19.5 the First Two Years $6.00

Frightmarish: A Gothic Litzine #2 & #3 $5.00

Strange Tapes #12 VHS Oddities Unearthed by Scott R $6.00

East Village Inky #67 by Ayun Halliday $3.00

New Zines from Jam: California Pollen, I Bought a Panama Hat In Hawaii and I Have No Regrets a Zine From the Overheard Files, $2 each

Christian New Age Quarterly vol 25 #4 by Catherine Groves $3.50

various photo books from Liz Potamites $10 each

various zines from Vanessa X: issues of Gemini Rising and Evening In Venice $5 each

TV Grime #1 by Luke Geddes $13

Making Comic Zines by Eddy Atoms $3

Lanesville Press zines, $10 each

Moss Piglet, mulitple issues, by John Bloner Jr. $12 each

Octaggon $4.28

Jason Triefenbach Music Zines: Quantum Conversation With Lavender Country $10.00, Into Howling $8.00

Make Up #2 by Holly Jo $5.00

Cheap Toys #27 A Menagerie of Pet Projects by Giz $2.00

Coffee People Zine #18 Complex $15.00


Fox Graham Minis: Lucky Edwin #1 & #2, Messenger #1 Binds the Services Together

Winter Diary by L. Reeves $6.00

How to Pretend to Be Human by Liv Shyevitch $2

Armor Up a Comic by Ariel Chan $10.00

Forgotten Velvet #1 $1

New Comics by Mae Luxe!

Be Kind My Neighbor Concept Art Zine by Yugo Limbo 18+ Adults Only $12.00

Natalie Dupille comics: In Spite of Ourselves $15.00, Fried Bananas: A Travelogue by $12.00

Escape from Slugville $2.00

Sparx Megazine #1 Smorgasbord by Edie Quinn $5.00

Graphic Novels

Maus Now: Selected Writing edited by Hillary Chute $28.00

Movements and Moments, edited by Sonja Eismann (D&Q) $29.95

Day and Age Year Two by Andrew Oh $12.00

Upside Dawn by Jason (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Sennen by Shanti Rai (Avery Hill) $14.95

And Life Goes On by Marcus Emdanat $24.00

Boat Life by Tsuge Tadao (Floating World) $24.95

Misfortune – A Book of Illustrated Fortune Cookie Messages by Aeon Hand (Microcosm) $16.99

Yesterday Diary Comix by Brother Malcolm $15.00

Art Books

Graffiti Characters For Beginners by Arnd Schallenkammer (Dokument Press) $9.95

Nuevo Abesedario $10.00

Revolutionary Women: Fifty Women of Color Who Reinvented the Rules by Ann Shen $24.95

Art of Feminism: Images That Shaped the Fight For Equality 1857 through 2022 Revised Edition by Reckitt Helena $45

Kara Walker – October Files #28, edited by Vanina Gere (MIT Press) $24.95

Punk Orientalism: The Art of Rebellion by Sara Raza (Black Dog Press) $34.95

Protest Grim Reapers by Marc Fischer (Public Collectors) $10.00

Four Wheels and a Board: The Smithsonian History of Skateboarding edited by Betsy Gordon and Jane Rogers $35.00

Politics & Revolution

Democracy in the Political Present: A Queer Feminist Theory by Isabell Lorey $26.95

Afro Indigenous History of the United States by Kyle T. Mays $18.95

Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff $15.95

Anarchic Agreements: A Field Guide to Collective Organizing by Ruth Kinnia Thomas& friends (PM Press) $15.95

World Without Police: How Strong Communities Make Cops Obsolete by Geo Maher $19.95

Activist’s Media Handbook: Lessons From Fifty Years as a Progressive Agitator by David Fenton $35.00

Our Synthetic Environment by Murray Bookchin $17.95

Street Rebellion: Resistance Beyond Violence and Nonviolence by Benjamin S. Case (AK Press) $22.00


Comedy Against Work: Utopian Longing In Dystopian Times by Madeline Lane-McKinley $20.00

You’re Funny for a…Illustrated Guide to Trans Comedians, Non-Binary Comics and Funny Women In the Comedy Scene by Sophia Zarders (Silver Sprocket) $13.99

Short History of Queer Women by Kirsty Loehr $15.99

Waiting In the Wings: Portrait of a Queer Motherhood by Cherrie Moraga (Haymarket) $17.00

The Wayward Writer: Summon Your Power to Take Back Your Story, Liberate Yourself from Capitalism, and Publish Like a Superstar by Ariel Gore (Microcosm) $19.95


This Modern House: Vintage Advice and Practical Science for Happy Home Management, compiled by Jennifer McKnight Trontz $16.99

Mayhem & Outer Limits

Living Thelema: A Practical Guide to Attainment in Aleister Crowleys System of Magick by David Shoemaker $21.95

The Hidden Language of Symbols by Matthew Wilson $45.00

Magick of Aleister Crowley: A Handbook of the Rituals of Thelema by Lon Milo DuQuette $24.95

Poison Prescriptions: Power Plant Medicine Magic and Ritual by the Seed Sistas $24.95

How To Study Magic: A Guide to History Lore and Building Your Own Practice by Sarah Lyons and Tobias Gobel $20

Witch for Every Season by Rachel Patterson $21.99

Sacred Gender: Create Trans and Nonbinary Spiritual Connections by Ariana Serpentine $16.99

Spells From Scratch: How to Craft Spells That Work by Phoenix Silverstar $18.99

Path of the Hedge Witch by Joanna van der Hoeven $19.99


Elska #40 Paris France $20.00

Music Books

Needles and Plastic: Flying Nun Records 1981-1988 by Matthew Goody (Third Man Books) $40.00

My Rock ‘n’ Roll Friend by Tracey Thorn $18.00

Transformer: A Story of Glitter Glam Rock and Loving Lou Reed by Simon Doonan $24.99

2 music books from Hozac books:
Guilty: My Life As a Member of the Joneses – A Heroin Addict a Bank Robber and a Federal Inmate by Jeff Drake $26.99
Kill a Punk For Rock and Roll: Photographs by Marty Perez 1976-2019 $32.99

Gathering of the Tribe: Companion to Occult Music on Vinyl, multiple volumes (Headpress) $19.95 each

Primus, Over the Electric Grapevine: Insight Into Primus and the World of Les Claypool by Greg Prato (Akashic) $19.95

33 1/3 genre books: Death Metal by T. Coles, Trip Hop by RJ Wheaton, $19.95 each


Queering Psychedelics: From Oppression to Liberation In Psychedelic Medicine edited by Alex Belser, Clancy Cavnar, Beatriz C Labate (Synergetic Press) $21.95

Myocultural Revolution: Transforming Our World with Mushrooms Lichens and Other Fungi by Peter McCoy (Microcosm) $17.95


Francois Berthoud: Fashion, Fetish and Fantasy, edited by Beda Achermann (Rizzoli) $195.00


Novelist as a Vocation by Haruki Murakami $28.00

No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai $24.95

Ballroom for Ghost Dancing by John F. Duffy $12.95

Doorway to Dilemma: Bewildering Tales of Dark Fantasy, edited by Mike Ashley $15.95

Perfume Burned His Eyes: A Novel by Michael Imperioli (Akashic) $16.95

Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke and Other Misfortunes by Eric LaRocca $19.95

Cialis Verdi Gin Jag by Adam Johnson (Anxiety Press) $14.00

Lit Journals & Poetry

Antelope Magazine #2 Code $15.00

Girls Are Figs by Nicole Kurlich $12.00

For the Young at Heart

Waking Beauty or Eleven Times Upon a Time by Rebecca Solnit (Haymarket Books) $19.95

Other Stuff

Dearly Beloved Prayer Devotional Candles: Robert Smith, Bowie, Siouxsie, Joe Strummer!

Sheebie Jeebies 2023 Calendar Nudie Ladies to Peep in the Dark by Flannery Cashill $20.00

Don Pepino Pizza Sauce Repurposed Soy Wax CANdle $26.00

New and restock stickers from Mel Stringer!

Practical Witch’s 2023 Almanac Infinite Spells Volume XXVI by Friday Gladheart (Microcosm) $16.95


New Stuff This Week


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Migrations: Voices From the Mediterranean Passage by Cindy Crabb and Chas Ashby $8.00

Going to California 35MM Photos by Shawn Granton $8.00

Tarot Moth: Love, Tarot Moth: Luck by Echo $3 each

The Story of Japanese Writing Condensed by Spencer Lopez $5.00

Rewound Reviews $6.00

Summer of Chaos and Beautiful People by Karla Bruciaga $15.00


Wheels Annual #1 by Andy Wieland $5.00

Deadline Affair by Tero Visio the Advenures of Keno and Palmoral $8.00

New Old Stock #650A The Illustrated Journal of a Civilized Cyclist by Shawn Granton $6.00

Fifty Flip Experiment #30 $5.00

Flowery #44 by Mel Stringer $7.50

Graphic Novels

Black Paradox by Junji Ito $19.99

Below Ambition by Simon Hanselmann (Fantagraphics) $24.99

Street Cop by Robert Coover and Art Spiegelman (Isolarii) $19.99

Music Books

You’re with Stupid: kranky, Chicago, and the Reinvention of Indie Music by Bruce Adams $26.95

Punk Paradox: A Memoir by Greg Graffin $30

First 21 How I Became Nikki Sixx $17.99

Earth Wind and Fire’s Thats the Way of the World by Dwight E. Brooks (33 1/3 vol 168) $14.95

Outer Limits & Mayhem Books

Cosmic Dance by Stephen Ellcock $35.00

More stuff from the British Library, $15.95 each: Crawling Horror: Creeping Tales of the Insect Weird, Platform Edge Uncanny Tales of the Railways, Night Wire and Other Tales of Weird Media & more!

Witch of the Woods: Spells, Charms, Divination, Remedies and Folklore by Kiley Mann $21.99


Fares: Chicago Taxicab Portraits by Allan Lee Koss $24.99

Charles R. Child’s Chicago Kenwood and Oakland by Perry Casalino $25.00

Essay Books

Everybody Ensemble: Donkeys, Essays and Other Pandemoniums by Amy Leach $18.00

Politics & Revolution Books

Seen and Unseen: What Dorothea Lange, Toyo Miyatake, and Ansel Adams’s Photographs Reveal About the Japanese American Incarceration by Elizabeth Partridge and Lauren Tamaki $21.99

Towards a Green Democratic Revolution: Left Populism and the Power of Affects by Chantal Mouffeby $16.95


Splendid Ticket by Bill Cotter (McSweeneys) $26.00

Lit Journals & Chap Books

McSweeneys #69 $26.00

Have I Ever Told You by Benji Russelburg a Queer Grief Autobiography $10.00

More Dream Bindery stuff!

Candles from Dearly Beloved!: Divine, Nick Cave, Poly Styrene…

And more!