Weekly Top 10 and 2011 Revenge of Print List

Before last week’s bestsellers, we just wanted to say we are really excited by everyone who participated in the 2011 Revenge of Print! Click here to download a list. Then print it out and fold it pamphlet style.

1. Henry and Glenn Forever Sticker Funbag by Igloo Tornado $5.00

2. Suspect Device #1 by Josh Bayer and Edwin Vazquez $6.00 – A turd in the hand is worth two in the Bushmiller….Josh Bayer and Edwin Vazquez assemble quite the goon squad to take old Nancy out for a night on the town. -EF – Work from: Jon Vermilea, Dane Martin, Elizabeth Bethea, Lizz Hickey, Nikki Burch, Brendan Leach, B Florio with M Note, Josh Burggraf, Jimmy Giegerich, J Hessig, Scalzo, M Sgier, Marina Gargarina, Leroy, V Kerlow, Sam Henderson, Anne Emond, Pat Aulisio, Tom Hart, Jude Killroy and Box Brown.

3. Hound and the Musch by Scott Roberts $6.00

4. Under the Radar #39 $5.99

5. Ganges #4 by Kevin Huizenga $7.95 – The lucid insanity of insomnia fuels Huizenga’s understated formalist finesse. Glenn Ganges, suburban everyman, falls prey to a eye-pleasing array of graphic tricks and a 1 a.m. sense of humor that would keep me up at night thinking about it too. -EF

6. Bad Day #12 – a culture magazine.
7. Du Manger En Canne by R. Suicide $5.00 – loppy botulistic potted meat from the Mille Putois Laboratory, getting busy making it’s own gravy.

8. Grantland #1 $25.00 – Well, finally we got a few of these in for long enough that I can put them up on the webstore. Grantland #1 is the McSweeney’s launch of a physical sports magazine geared for folks who like multiform sports, McSweeney’s writers and blogs you can hold. You know who you are. -EF

9. Hark A Vagrant by Kate Beaton $19.95

10. My Aim is True #2 by Carrie $1.00