Weekly Top 10

1. Bizarre #184 Feb 12 $10.50 – A magazine I simultaneously have to look at but can’t.

2. Shit I Didnt Tell You #1 by Lynne $1.50 – Compelling footnotes to various friends and relations, “Shit I Didn’t Tell You” is exactly that. It’s a nice checkup about sorting out how feelings get felt and life gets lived. -EF

3. Exxxtinction by Sy Loady $3.00 – Fuckasoreass Triceratopz.

4.   Show Me The Money #36 $2.50

5.   Hi Fructose #22 $6.95

6.   Mojo #219 Feb 12 $9.99

7.   Truckface #15 by LB $3.00 – Third year teaching high school English for CPS starts with LB hacking up a foreboding bloody clotball snotball. Truckface continues to be an annual report of both teaching and being taught- moving through all the drama, anger, goofiness and apathy and learning how to learn from it all. -EF

8.   More Pictures About Feminism by Brad Troemel $10.00

9.   Judas Goat Quarterly #51 by Grant Schreiber $1.50

10. Study Group Magazine #1 win 12 (Study Group Books) – I imagine the rousing success of last year’s fantastic Study Group 12 anthology (#4) has spurred Study Group Magazine into existence. Like Austin English’s Windy Corner before it, SGM #1 is a full-up ideosyncratic combo platter of comics, interviews and examinations. Articles on Eleanor Davis, Brecht Evens and Craig Thompson and a hearty sampling of comics and illustration from Jennifer Parks, Daria Tessler, Aidan Koch, David King, Malachi Ward, Chris Cilla, T Alixopulos, Zack Soto, Jonny Negron and Michael DeForge. Amen. -EF