Steve Macek of Project Censored (& Guests) Discuss Censored 2020 at Quimby’s 10/17

Oct ’19
7:00 pm

’s yearbook : Through the Looking Glass () examines the most important but underreported news stories of 2018-2019. These stories expose the corporate news media’s systemic blind spots while underscoring the crucial role played by independent journalists in providing the kind of news and information necessary for a vibrant democracy. The book also examines this year’s lowlights in “junk food news” and “news abuse”– revealing how corporate media often functions as propaganda by entertaining rather than informing—and highlights the work of exemplary organizations that champion “Media Democracy in Action.” Additional chapters address the importance of constructive journalism, the untold story of Kashmir, news coverage of LGBTQ issues in the Trump era, “fake news” as a Trojan horse for censorship, and online memes as a form of political communication.

Professor of North Central College, who edited Censored 2020’s Media Democracy in Action chapter, will be joined by students who researched some of the underreported stories included in the book to talk about Project Censored, the book and the political implications of Project Censored’s analysis of contemporary news media.

“A crucial contribution to the hope for a more just and democratic society”—Noam Chomsky

“[Project Censored] is a clarion call for truth telling.” —Daniel Ellsberg, The Pentagon Papers  

“Project Censored . . . has evolved into a deep, wide, and utterly engrossing exercise to unmask censorship, self-censorship, and propaganda in the mass media.” —Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, lawyer, former presidential candidate and author 

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Thurs, Oct 17th, 7pm