New Stuff This Week


Food Stamp Foodie #3 by Virginia Paine $3.00

Because of CAKE, last week’s huge comics fest, we got in so much amazing new stuff (almost 200 new items!!) that this is but just a tiny sample. Come in to the store to see more!

Zines & Zine-Related
People of Coloring Book by Hazel Newlevant $6.00
And Now 200 Years Later We Are Still Waiting For Interested Buyers: Stories and Observations by the Students of 826CHI $5.00
Systems Soft by Brian Hochberger $8.00
T and A #1 $12.00
Hex Zine by Caroll Gilligan Wheeler $4.00
Mish Libs #2 Karaoke Party $2.00
Word About Seeing Words Anything by Sergej Vutuc $8.00
Disposable Outcast by Hybachi Lemar $2.00

Comics & Comix
Womanimalistic #3 by Caroline Paquita $5.00
Leif Goldberg zines: National Waste #8 Hand America ($7.00), Free Will ($12.00), Horse Sheet $5.00
Xmas Comic #1 2013 by Mickey Z., Michael DeForge, Patrick Kyle $4.50 – Also by those 3 artists: Pixars Cars #1 ($4.50)
Window Washer by Mickey Zacchilli and CF $5.00
Express Less #1 by Lale Westvind $8.00
Buddies Shelter Raiders by Anna Haifisch $1.00
Stitching Together Special Edition by Annie Mok $5.00
New Comics #1 by Patrick Kyle $10.00
Heads Collider by Mat Brinkman (Picturebox) $23.00
Alternative Comics #4 $5.99
Occupy Comics #2 by Alan Moore and friends $3.50
Stonewall Mark #1 by Sasha Steinberg $10.00
A variety of Providence Comics Consortium comics (see also: The Providene Car Crash Consortium zines)
Scorched Earth #1 and Other Stories by T. Van Deusen $5.00
Laskimooses #11 $7.00
Monkey Vision circa 13 by Mike Taylor $20.00
Inflated Head Zone #1 MMXIII Necrotic Meat Planet by Zach Hazard Vaupen $10.00
Conan the Barbarian Is My Spirit Guide By Crom $17.00
PSA Public Service Announcement by G. Blekkenhorst $2.00
Monkey Chef vol 1 by Mike Freiheit $7.00
Mark of Aeacus #1 by Charles Zan Christiansen $9.00
Beth Dean #1 Loose in San Francisco $5.00
more issues of Ed Luce’s Wuvable Oaf
Victus #1 by Tyrell Cannon $8.00
Seeing Stars: Your Time Irrelevant Guide to the Universe Questio Your Habits and
Creator #1 by James Turek $8.00
Personal Space: Dating Tips From First Year Galaxy Patrol Recruits by Jamie Lee $3.00
Clinically Rad by Mike Taylor $5.00
Butch Pony Tail by Harvath O. $3.00
Conditions on the Ground #4 Aug by Kevin Hooyman $4.00
Dumb #2 by Georgia Webber $6.00
Photosynthesis – Botany Utopia by Adrian Pijoan $4.00
Cashing Capital by Conor Stechschulte $5.00
Hello Adios by Dawn K. Wing $5.00
Morgo by Laurie Pina $4.00
Equilibristics by Ian McDuffie $4.00
Sliders: Paradise Lost – A Comics Anthology by Ian MacDuffie and friends $10.00 – All devoted to Sliders. The show. Not the food. Duh!
Illogical Comics #8 Nemesis Assemble Ensemble by T. Toye $20.00
I Don’t Get It by Kimball Anderson $8.00
Deep Forest #1 by Laurel Lynn Leake $10.00
Text Great Moments in Western Civilization vol 4 #2 $2.00
Index #2 The Library Caitlin Cass $3.50
Cartoon Clouds #1 by Joseph Remnant $5.00
Matter of Life or Death by Tom Van Deusen $4.00
Pride of God Island by Curtis Tinsley $1.00
RL #2 Rosalie Lightning Comic by Tom Hart $4.00
Redbird #2 Midsouthwest Travelogue Bridges Museums Chickens More by D. Zettwoch $3.00
Be Here Meow #1 by Nacho Nova $3.50
Halfmen by Kevin Huizenga $4.00
Silent Energy by John Karnes $2.00
Palms of Her Hands #1 by JD Lee $3.00
Where Eden Once Stood: Veteren Stories From Iraq and Afghanistan by Jess Ruliffson $10.00
Me: Welcome to My World by Fitz $4.00
Meat and Bone #1 by Katherine Verhoeven $6.00
Henry Basil’s Short Fall by Christian Keller $5.00
Lovf New York Destination Crisis by Jesse Reklawn et al. $9.00
Mamapants Ashcan #1 by Tyler Cohen $3.00
Ms Bean’s Art Class #1 b Cara Bean $5.00
Milkyboots #14 MB by Virginia Paine $4.00
Curlo vol 2 Galactic Romance Issue by Hazel Newlvalent $3.00
It Sucks to Be A Vampire #1 by Cory Amons $5.00

Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks
The End by Anders Nilsen (Fantagraphics) $19.99 – Collects The End #1, Mome You Were Born and So Your Free, It’s Okay You Have Everything You Need, How Can I Prepare You For What’s To Follow, plus Sonnenzimmer Print!
A Matter of Life by Jeffrey BRown (Top Shelf) $14.95
Crater XV (Far Arden) by Kevin Cannon (Top Shelf) $19.95
Zippy: Dingburg Diaries by Bill Griffith (Fantagraphics) $29.99 – Zippy the Pinhead returns.
Wake Up, Percy Gloom by Cathy Malkasian (Fantagraphics) $28.99
New School by Dash Shaw (Fantagraphics) $39.99
Paul Joins the Scouts by Michael Rabagliati $20.00
Science Fiction by Joe Ollman $18.00
Adventure Time TPB vol 3 by P. Ward et al. $14.99
Heck by Zander Cannon (Top Shelf) $19.95
Saga TPB vol 2 by Brian K. Vaughan et al. $14.99
Sweet Tooth TPB vol 6 Wild Game by Jeff Lemire $16.99
Daybreak by Brian Ralph (D&Q) $16.95
Complete Deep Girl by Ariel Bordeaux $20.00
In The Beginning: Great Moments in Western Civilization Cooperative Comics, From the First Five Years by Caitlin Cass $18.00

Art & Design Books
Animals With Sharpies by Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber (D&Q) $16.95
Nicola Verlato: From Verona With Rage (Gingko) $34.95
William S. Burroughs: Cut the Future of the Past vol 2 $39.95
Craftydermy by Tracy Benton $14.95
Pinstripe Planet 3 More Fine Lines From the Worlds Best $39.95
John Van Hamersveld 50 Years of Graphic Design $49.95
It’s a Stick Up: 20 Real Wheat Pasteups from the Worlds Greatest Street Artists by Ollystudio $29.95
States of Decay by Daniel Barter and Daniel Marbaix $34.95
Wear Your Dreams: My Life in Tattoos by Ed Hardy $26.99

Growing Marijuana Indoors a Foolproof Guide by Jay Carter Brown $14.95

Mayhem, Miscreants, Memoirs, Music & Misc
Ministry: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jorgensen $26.99
Detroit Rock City: The Uncensored History of RocknRoll in Americas Loudest City by Steve Miller $16.99
This Ain’t No Holiday Inn: Down and Out at the Chelsea Hotel 1980-1995 by James Lough $16.95 – An oral history of the famed NY hotel where many a monets in rock and punk history were made (and died).
Cosplay: Made in Japan $39.95
Best Film You’ve Never Seen: 35 Directors Chapion the Forgotten or Critically Savaged Movies They Love by Rob K. Elder $16.95
That’s Not Funny Thats Sick: National Lampoon and the Comedy Insurgents Who Captured the Mainstream by Ellin Stein (Fantagraphics) $27.95
Queen of the Air: The True Story of Love and Tragedy at the Circus by Dean Jensen $26.00
Queens of Noise: The Real Story of the Runaways by Evelyn McDonnell $25.99
Left of the Dial: Conversations with Punk Icons by David Ensminger (PM Press) $20.00
The Mammoth Book of Black Magic $13.95

Politics & Revolution
Red Army Faction a Documentary History vol 2 Dancing with Imperialism by J. Smith et al. (PM Press) $26.95

Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman $25.99
New Taboos by John Shirley (PM Press) $12.00

Kill Screen #7 The Great Outdoors $15.00
Dwell Jul Aug 13 $5.99
Wilder Quarterly vol 1 #6 Spr 13 $18.95
True Crime Jun 13 $8.99
Dossier #11 $15.00
Brownbook #39 $14.99
Hole and Corner #1 $21.99
Gothic and Lolita Bible #46 $35.00
Local #2 A Quarterly of People and Places $12.00
Harpers Magazine Jul 13 $6.99

Poetry, Lit Mags, Lit Journals, Chap Books
The Ninth Letter vol 10 #1 Spr Sum 13 $14.95
The First Line vol 15 #2 Sum 13 $3.00
Uncut #194 Jul 13 $9.99
Wire Jun 13 #352 $11.25
Hyphen #27 Sum 13 $7.95

Other Stuff
“Absolutely No Drum Circles” Sticker $1.50