New Stuff This Week


The Technological Singularity by Murray Shanahan (MIT Press) $15.95 – The machines are taking over! You best be downloading kung-fu to fight ’em off!



Sub/Verse #1 by Chloe $5.00

Selfish Magazine #2 Just One More $22.00 – Don’t miss Selfish #2 release event here at Quimby’s on Sept 3rd with publisher Taylor Yates!

The Vellum Underground #3 $3.00 – Featuring Quimby’s and more!

Paramnesia $5.00

Serio #4 Social Justice Zine Based In Chicago by Luz Magdaleno $3.00


Comics & Minis

Comics by Amy Peltz: Release, Everybody Else, Expectation, Houses (various prices)

Terrarium vol 1 by Nicholas Burrus $10.00

Crass Sophisticate #34 $3.00

Blue Boy $2.00 by Brendan Kiefer $2.00

Roo Comix by Boone Graham $5.00

Plant Plant #2 by Alex Webb $5.00

Comics by Suzette Smith: Ce/Ze, Mournals March Journals, Man Who Dies, Queen Who Dies Sequel to the Man Who Dies (various prices)

Ghoulanoids #1 $6.00

Exquisite Malaise #1 by Keenan Marshall Keller (Yeah Dude Comics) $5.00 – A romance comic seen through the eyes of the wastoid that brought you Galactic Breakdown. Weird and wordless, 2 color Riso.


New Comics from Krystal DiFronzo: Just Like Old Faithful A Stream of Grief, Virago, Good Hodgkins, Car is Parked on the Side Street by the House of Venus (various prices)


Graphic Novels & Trade Paperbacks

Rough House vol 3 $20.00

Windmill Dragons: A Leah and Alan Adventure by David Nytra (Toon Books) $18.95

Shirtlifter #5 by Steve Macisaac $14.95

Various comics and graphic novels by JC Menu and Dominique Goblet (pictured below) who visited us earlier this week!

Goblet Menu


Art & Design Books

Here Kitty Kitty by Mallory McInnis $12.95 – Contemporary artwork of the internet’s favorite animal by today’s up-and-coming indie art and illustration darlings.



Dryland by Sara Jaffe (Tin House) $14.95


Sex Culture

Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution by Rachel Moran $15.95

Asking For It: the Alarming Rise Of Rape Culture and What We Can Do About It by Kate Harding (Da Capo) $15.99



Acid Test LSD, Ecstasy and the Power To Heal by Tom Shroder $18.00



Have a Little Pun: An Illustrated Play on Words by Frida Clements $14.95




Lucky Peach #16 The Fantasy Issue $12.00

Maximumrocknroll #388 Sep 15 $4.99

Brownbook #51 $14.99

Frankie #66 $14.95

Uncut Ultimate Music Guide: The Sex Pistols $14.99

New Philosopher #4 Fall 15 $9.95

Inked Sep 15 $6.99

Creative Quarterly #38 39 Spr Sum 15 $9.00

Flash Art #303 vol 48 Jul Aug Sep 15 $15.00

Under the Radar #54 Aug 15 $5.99

Fate #727 $5.95

Atlantis Rising #113 $6.95

Girls and Corpses vol 9 Summer 15 $8.95

Farts vol 3 Let It Be Loud $18.00 – Yes, this is for real. It’s a fashion and culture mag out of Korea.



Lit Journals & Chap Books

N Plus 1 #23 Fall 15 As If $14.95

Anthology of Chicago – The Collection $10.00

Dear S by Rachel E. Hyman $10.00


Other Stuff

2015-2016 Weekly Notebook Diary Planner 18 Months Hardcover (Moleskine) $22.50 – Starts in July 2015 and goes through December 2016. Comes in classic black hardcover.