New Stuff This Week

Thanks to the lovely and talented CZF co-organizer and zinester Anna Jo Beck for our rockin’ Chicago Zine Fest window installation!

Cinema Sewer #30 Special 20 Year Anniversary Issue $8.00 – From the words of the publisher himself, Robin Bougie: “Well, this is it! The culmination of 20 years of hard work! Issue thirty of Cinema Sewer magazine! YAY! Here’s to another 20 years (hopefully!) When I started CS at the age of 23, I had no idea what was to come, and it certainly wasn’t anything meant to be permanent. It was just yet another mini-comic series, of which I had done dozens of previously. How time flies, and look at how this sleazy little zine has grown…So, let’s have a look at what’s in this special oversized anniversary issue — the biggest ever issue of CS clocking in at 60 all-new pages! The cover is by Ben Newman — don’t worry folks — she’s 20! It even says right there under her young buttcheeks! ^_^ There are interviews with adult star Porsche Lynn, and Keith Prince (the son of AVON films smut legend Phil Prince), and there are dozens of reviews, articles, and comics about vintage cult cinema! Just a few of the films covered are: The Howling, Freeway, A Gun For Jennifer, Super Lady Cop, Whore, Human Condom Woman, Attack of The Beast Creatures, The Running Man, Blood Of Heroes, Star Crash, The Muthers, and the Playboy Roller Disco and Pajama Party TV special!  To top it all off, since this is a very special issue, I’ve done a FULL COLOR over-sized pull-out poster that comes with every issue, which features all the covers from all 30 issues! Hot diggity doggies!” Order it here.


Schmalz #2 Writing About Jewish Food and Diaspora by Isaac Brosilow $7.00 – Writing About Jewish Food and Diaspora, this issue contains an interview with A, the Secret History of Soviet Matzoh and a recipe for Potato Kugel.

King Dumb Come by Veronica Leto $6.00

I Am Junky Zine $5.00 – Part of an untitled series where the anonymous author uses quotes from their favorite public figures as starting off points for personal essays, this one is dedicated to William S. Burroughs. Love, death, sadness, addiction, pleasure — everything you’d expect from Uncle Bill, proof that his work inspires future generations of writers to mull over the big cut-up questions. -LM

Chew This by Carol Sogard $7.00

Rebel Rain by Veronica Leto $8.00

Crawl by Jesse Fillingham $12.00 – Stunning and exquisitely rendered characters and spaces that create a myth ridden dreamscape. ~CH

Raw, Extremely Necessary Manifesto by Veronica Leto $4.00 – You want your upliftingness to be cool and not cheesy, right? Well here’s your chance to be inspired without all the embarrassment of it feeling all Lifetime channel life-affirming. With quotes commanding the reader to “Protect your passion from all that rat race bullshit, or you will start to shrink small enough to where a few inches of water will threaten your survival” it feels a little bit like reading a punk rock Dale Carnegie. That’s what we all want, right? -LM


Love and Rockets Magazine #2 by Gilbert and Jamie Hernandez (Fantagraphics) $4.99

Bad Drawings of Garfield #1 by Caroline Cash $5.00 – A cursed image, Garfield might be on drugs and Jon Arbuckle has some pretty heavy revelations about the potential meaning of art. ~CH

Ganges #6 by Kevin Huizenga $8.00 – The Eisner and Harvey nominated and Ignatz winning series is back again. In this mindblowing issue Glenn Ganges’ long battle with insomnia comes to a complicated close. Glenn and his wife Wendy also learn productivity tips from a TED talk in “The 2 Minute Mind”. Every page is a jam-packed jewel retina display of cartooning power.

Work In Progress #3 by August LeRoi $7.00

Thrill Of Living In A Dying Empire #2 by Mission Mini Comix $1.00

How To Talk To Your Doctor About Your Testicles $4.00


Run Comics Oct 2013 through April 2016 by Ryan Burns $20.00

I Am a Hero vol 3 Omnibus by Kengo Hanazawa $19.99

Illustra Sean Year #3 by Sean Dempsey $20.00

Lumberjanes vol 6 Sink Or Swim $14.99


The South Side: A Portrait of Chicago and American Segregation by Natalie Y. Moore $17.00 – Now in soft cover.


The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple by Jeff Guinn $28.00

In Our Own Image: Savior Or Destroyer? The History and Future of Artificial Intelligence by George Zarkadakis $16.95


Blood Is Thicker Part One by Silas H. Patterson $16.99


Maximumrocknroll #407 Apr 2017 $4.99

Juxtapoz #196 May 2017 $6.99

Razorcake #97 Allison Wolfe $4.00

2600 the Hacker Quarterly vol 34 #1 Spr 2017 $6.95

True Crime Mar 2017 $9.99

Shindig #64 Curtis Mayfield $12.99

Nostalgia Digest Spr 2017 William Powell and Myrna Loy $4.50

Skeptic vol 22 #1 2017 $6.95

Laphams Quarterly vol 10 #2 Spr 2017 Discovery $18.00

Rethinking Schools vol 31 #3 Spr 2017 $5.95

High Times Best of #83 2017 Growing Big $6.99

TSQ Transgender Studies Quarterly vol 4 #1 Feb 2017 $12.00

Radical History Review #127 Jan 2017 $14.00

Inked #83 Ryan Ashley Apr 2017 $6.99

New Politics vol 16 #2 $7.00

Skeptical Inquirer vol 41 #2 Mar Apr 2017 $5.99

Horror Hound #64 Mar Apr 2017 $6.99

Atlantis Rising #123 Mar Apr 17 $6.95

GLQ vol 23 #2 Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies Apr 2017 $12.00

Bomb #139 Spr 2017 $10.00


Sobotka Literary Magazine #2 & #3 $10.00 each

Hedgehog Review vol 19 #1 Spr 2017 $12.00