New Stuff This Week


Used Records and Tapes #1 by Chris Auman & Mike Dixon $7

Dykes and Queers In Different Dimensions #2 by Ana Norell $15

Library Excavations #11 Defense Drama by Marc Fischer $6

Plant Petter by Jaclyn Wright $16

If You Feel Sad Feel the Sad by Elwing Suong Gonzalez $8

Let It Sink #10 $3

KerBloom #144 May & Jun 20 $2

Comics & Minis

Bubbles #7 an Independent Fanzine About Comics and Manga $8

Looking Inward: A Guide to Introversion by Erika Sjule $5

Standstill by Olivia Fredricks $15

Magical Character Rabbit by Kinoko Evans (Study Group) $5.95

I Know What I Look Like by Veronica Timble $5

Hollow Press Stuff: Tribae the Cascade by Luca Brandi $16 – Hospital Train by Daisuke Ichiba $16 – Industrial Revolution and World War by Shintaro Kago $22 – Linchetto by Mat Brinkman $26 – Drippin by Laurence Engraver $13 – Chain by Paolo Massagli $7 – Plutonium by Gabriel Delmas $7 – Day of the Flying Head issues #2 & #4 by Shintaro Kago $12 – Four Comic by Paolo Massagli $13 – Baby In the Boneyard by Jesse Jacobs $16 – Outeroticspace by David Genchi & Miguel Angel Martin $13 – Xuwwuu: A Furvert Fairytale by Gabriel Delmas $12

Graphic Novels

Pre-Order! Seeds and Stems by Simon Hanselmann (Fantagraphics) $29.99 – Comes with Signed Bookplate (while supplies last), To Celebrate Simon Hanselmann virtual event Thurs, 8/13!

Constitution Illustrated by Robert Sikoryak (D&Q) $14.95

Prison Pit: The Complete Collection by Johnny Ryan (Fantagraphics) $39.99

Sky Is Blue With a Single Cloud by Kuniko Tsurita (D&Q) $29.95

Toybox Americana: Characters Met Along the Way by Tim Lane (Fantagraphics) $34.99

Nymph by Leila Marzocchi (Fantagraphics) $29.99

Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and Peter Kuper $15.95

Winter of the Cartoonist by Paco Roca (Fantagraphics) $21.99

Now vol 9 Fantagraphics Comics Anthology (Fantagraphics) $12.99


Tender Is the Flesh by Augustina Bazterrica $16


Shock Cinema #58 $5

The Internationalist #60 winter $1

Chap Books

Longest Day of the Year by Michael Tuberdyke $4