Dan Gleason back again

Jun ’06
12:00 am

June 30th at Quimby\’s there is a reading. It involves
Dan Gleason, it involves the incredibly
talented Daniel Knox, it involves the superlative
Gregory Jacobsen. Here\’s the press stuffs for it:
Colonic Irrigation Jones, Diptheria Jackson & Rene
Standblatz present:
\”A One Time Promotional Event! Expect No Frills! The
Magical Misery Tour! Oslo! Budapest! And now
Chicagolicousness! Must move mega-units! Automatic
Audience Electrolysis! We Won\’t Be Undersold! Funk
Flotilla/Tampax Torpedo!\”
(Dan Gleason reads from \’It Ain\’t Extra, It\’s Sextra\’
and his new zine \’*@^>&/^-AC/DC/%!#