Free Range Poetry at Quimby’s!

Oct ’07
7:00 pm

Free Range Poetry at Quimby’s!

Friday, October 19th, 7:00 PM
Join slam poets Big Poppa E and Erin Livingston as the stop in at Quimby’s as part of their national tour. A tour that began this summer when Big Poppa E and Erin quit their jobs, packed up their lives, and left Austin to travel and perform poetry indefinitely.

Big Poppa E is a spoken word artist and three-time HBO Def Poet who melds rhythmic verse, stand-up comedy, and dramatic monologue into a crowd-pleasing display of verbal fireworks fueled by the energy of hip-hop, punk rock, and Emo. His hilarious skewering of pop culture and painfully beautiful explorations of relationships have led to appearances on BET, NPR, and CBS’s 60 Minutes and have made him one of the most recognized names in the National Poetry Slam community.

Big Poppa E is based in Austin, TX, and tours the country performing his work in universities, high schools, coffeehouses, bars, and art spaces. BPE dedicates all his live performances to every kid in America who’s ever slammed poetry or competed in a speech tournament using poetry or simply written their own words down in a tattered notebook for only themselves to see. For more info visit

Erin Livingston holds bare the world as she sees it through eyes that never close and a heart that doesn’t know when to shut up. A passionate optimist & budding feminist Erin’s performance examines The Big Issues propelling audiences though forceful character driven storytelling set in gut wrenching & hilariously impossible everyday situations.

Erin is a two time Austin Ego’s Slam team finalist in as many years on the scene. Her fresh voice and unapologetic presence make for dynamic & unpredictable performances as she continues to grow as a writer, performer, and believer in leaving things better than she found them.

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