Lord of the Yum Yum

Jun ’04
12:00 am

Lord of the Yum Yum
Friday July 23rd 8PM
Join Lord of the Yum-Yum for an evening of
Vocal Grind Scat Live at Quimby?s
Known for strange vocal ruminations and a hilarious live show, Lord of the Yum-Yum promises only the highest quality, most enriching and mind numbing entertainment all at the same time. Lord of the Yum-Yum, aka Paul Velat, combines a guttural scat vocal style, classical/jazz themes, throat singing, improvisation, and electronics to take the modern voice to a new place.
Paul Velat is a Former/Current Band member of: Herc., Fleck/Velat, Eric Kmiec Quartet, Six of One Half Summers, Paul Vee and Latchkey Kids, Herbal Flesh Tea. He has also studied with Don Malone, Stacy Garrop, Dan Schaff, Claude Baker, Susan Botti, Patricia Moorehead, Ilya Levinson, Lee Kesselman and Stuart Folse. As a performer, Paul has toured nationally with a concentration on the Midwest and since 1991, he has done many radio and television appearances as well as hundreds of performances around the greater Chicago area.
More info is at: www.lordoftheyumyum.com