Lori Wallach discusses the WTO

Apr ’04
12:00 am

Lori Wallach discusses her new book Whose Trade Organization? A Comprehensive Guide to the WTO
Thursday, April 22nd, 7:30 PM
“A crucial guide – devastating and highly readable. Wallach and Woodall are warriors for democracy against its most powerful opponents.”
-Naomi Klein Author No Logo & Fences and Windows
Globalization affects our lives every day in myriad ways-often for the worse. Yet, as this eye-opening expos? documents, the current terms of corporate-led globalization are not inevitable: they are merely one option being imposed by the powerful, secretive, and profoundly undemocratic World Trade Organization.
Whose Trade Organization? A Comprehensive Guide to the WTO is the definitive guide to the WTO. It reveals which World Trade Organization policies have led to U.S. job losses, the race to the bottom in wages, unsafe food, attacks on long-standing environmental and health laws, and burgeoning international inequality. Want to know why the WTO attracts such passionate protests all over the world? This book explains the lopsided agreements and secret tribunals that are the WTO?s stock in trade. Public Citizen advocates Wallach and Woodall carefully document the World Trade Organization\’s appalling nine-year track record with riveting case-by-case accounts.
Lori Wallach is the Director of Global Trade Watch, a division of the Nader-founded Public Citizen. A leading expert on trade issues, she has been called “brainy” by The Nation, “savvy” by Business Week, “scrappy” by the Miami Herald and “Ralph Nader with a sense of humor” by the Wall Street Journal. Wallach has testified as a trade lawyer on NAFTA, GATT-WTO, and other trade issues before over 30 U.S. congressional committees, numerous other countries? legislatures, the U.S. International Trade Commission and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. She has served as a trade commentator on CNN, ABC, CNBC, C-SPAN, All Things Considered, and The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.