Miguel Conner Reads 7/21

Jul ’12
7:00 pm

is host of , the only topical and guest radio show on and timeless mysteries. He is author of the critically acclaimed Voices of Gnosticism (Bardic Press),as well as The Dark Instinct Series (Warner Books). His fantasy book The Executioner’s Daughter, will be released late in 2012 (Solstice Publishing). His articles, fiction, and reviews have appeared in such publication as Reality Sandwich, The Stygian Vortex, The Gnostic Journal, Heretic the Magazine, Houston Public News, Mindscape Magazine, The Cimmerian Journal, and many others.

Aeon Byte is an initiation-by-conversation into the dark corners of myth, magic and meaning; a crash course in cult, culture and conspiracy; a virtuous virus invoking and informing history, holiness and heresy.  Each week your host Miguel Conner commandeers your connection to bring the most accepted and rejected scholars and provocateurs to your attention. Fun, compelling, and deeply weird, this is the blow-your-mind cocktail party conversation you always wanted to listen in on. For more info: thegodabovegod.com  and aeonbytegnosticradio.com

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Sat, July 21st, 7pm